Friday, 27 June 2014

113 days countdown and update

Work is suddenly back to being crazy again. And I feel so tired by the end of day and to add to it's the muscle soreness. So I really don't have the energy too write much and  the update is short … today I did some cardio on the elliptical and burned a cool 421 calories in just 30 minutes. Yay!!!!!. There some interesting locker room conversation that I wanted to share so that I will do tomorrow when I am well rested.
Have a great weekend ahead and god bless

Thursday, 26 June 2014

114 days countdown and workout update

Today was the designated cardio day but work happened and didn't get to the gym in the morning........ Ok wait up before you nod your head again and say there goes her commitment.......I made it to the gym in the evening and better still skipped the cardio and got Nash to train lower body  and abs. Most of the moves were plyometrics so that compensated for the cardio as well.
So we did jumping lunges, then squat jumps, mountain climbers, pushups with knee to elbow move (don't know what that's called)  , machine assisted shoulder press, and kettle bell lateral raises(8kg) all of which were 3sets  each
Then we did some abs, which was in and outs,v twists and leg climbers also 3 sets of each. That was today's session, and then we stretched. I have to say the stretches that Nash makes me do our really good  and he actually made me realize that I am tighter on the right leg. He said that may be I use that leg when standing on heels to compensate. That's good observation
I have my long run coming up on Sunday so looking forward to it. That's all for today
Have a good night and god bless

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

115 days to the marathon and workout update

115 days to the Bangalore half marathon, and I plan to share my workout each day till D-day. Today was workout session with Nash. My legs were pretty beat from Mondays days session with Nash and the cardio yesterday. And when I mean beat, I was walking around like a zombie all day.
So I told Nash about it and he said well then plan was to work arms , back and of course core. So I am happy that he knew I would be sore even before I told him .... That's good.
So we worked arms and back, that were pretty unique n, nothing like I have done before. Its amazing how much fun workouts are if the trainee u have the same wavelength of communication. So I am kind of liking working out the gym no... Actual look forward to it.
I know its to early to pass a judgment but Nash is great trainer, unlike some of the Boohoo s at golds gym who call themselves trainer.
The other interesting part is that he has done the P90x and is a huge fan of GSP (George St. Piers of Rushfit) so he knows where I am coming from a workout perspective.
OK that's a little to much talk about Nash. Moving on the workout worked the biceps from various angles then the back and triceps. The sets were decreasing in number with increased weights. For the abs I did leg raises, to fifer scissors, to crunches to leg climbs and finally plank holds for 2mins. The whole circuit repeated thrice.
That was a total of 1 hour of workout. I know my arms are gonna be crazy sore tomorrow.
Food front, I am not eating enough so really need to up the calories (good food ofcourse) . how do I know that, I am back to tracking it on Myfitnesspal.
That's all that I have for today....... Have a good night and god bless

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Another year of blogging or may be not

So another year has gone by and this marks the second year of this blog.  I haven't done much of blogging this year because of my work schedule and partly due to laziness. But I am trying to make some more positive changes as I complete being 35(that's half way through considering an average life span of 70) and what better way than the blog. In my last blog I promised to be more regular, but failed. I ain't making excuses but the time I get home all I want do is hit the bed. So tired after work and driving through horrendous Bangalore traffic. I know people live busier schedule and still find time to do stuff, including blogging.
OK enough of the rant...... Time to share some good news and new goals for the year......(I know its been 6 months of 2014) though for me the health goals have always been from July to June (birth month u see). So on with it I plan to run in Marathons this year and I have already signed up for it. There is the 5k Puma Urban Stampede, then there is the 10k  in September for the Kaveri trail marathon and the last is the big one in October which is the half marathon. I know a lot of you'll may think that I have gone mad and maybe you are right I have turned a little insane....... But I have wanted to do this for  a long time(part of the bucket list).
If I do the half marathon I plan to do the full next year and may be in some years I will become one of those crazy runners I love to read about. So that's the plan, and there is a well thought strategy to get this goal. one I have started running outside and realized that there is nothing to match the high I get from doing long runs...5Ks for now....the number are steadily increasing.....with a 7k coming up this weekend. The other bit is that I have got a personal trainer . This  is  recent development and the workouts are killer. I can feel some muscles that I never thought existed..
This will make sure that I have the strength(physical and mental)to complete the marathon. A lot in long distance running  is also the mind over body game. So Monday , Wednesdays and Friday are my resistance  and weight training days with Nash(my trainer)and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for running out. Tuesdays and Thursdays I also add in half an hour of cardio at the gym...the arc trainer mostly.......Saturdays are devoted to long runs........its is heavenly to feel the morning breeze  on the face when I run( crazy feeling when I am sweating bucket loads)....Another change that I plan to do is to add a whey protein shake to my diet at least till I have these crazy workout routines.
Is that's that for now ..wish me luck while I set out on this journey
Have a good night and god bless

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Look what the cat dragged in

Hello , look what the cat dragged in ...Me.... Wow its been over 6 months from the last post and of course a year has flown by. So without much adieu "haapy new Year" to all my readers and blogging friends.I know its weird to wish you'll mid of April, but what the hell. I missed you'll too.The million dollar question would be where were u and the answer is simple work and more work. The last blog I mentioned about the new job and while its been good but crazy busy .
Natuarally I fell of the health wagon because of the constant travels and and vicious deadlines on projects. I know that is just an excuse and there isnt one that is good enough for all the bad eating and not taking out time to be healthy.Hmmmm...but did I realize somewhere along the line that I needed to fix it....Did I?????????
Well as always I needed a jolt and that I got with my blood work. I got a ton of test done to see how my body was doing....the result . A high body fat percentage and cholestrol level that was boderline high.........Oh my god!!!! my exact expression when I was reading the report sitting in a hotel room with food around me....lots of it ...oily greasy u name it... I was in shock  but I knew I had to do to something  What was I doing wrong.... After the sulking I decided it was time I take control.

So the first thing I did when I got back home was to join Golds Gym and hire a personal trainer for a month and get a diet prescribed.Not that home workouts are not good and I still advocate it but by the time I got back home I dint have the energy to do anything and a gym at the business park that I worked helped. This was Jan and the the result for the effort was a drop in 5% body fat reduction ,
increase in lean weight and 10inch loss all over. But a personal trainer is tough on the pockets so had to do away with him.

This month I am back to working out on my own ofcourse at the gym with a workout plan, but the efforts are not like before .  A personal trainer is good becuase there is a lot of attention on the form, your body type, specific health requirements and the variations in exercise and ofcourse accountability.
When working out on your own the missing factor is all this and majorly the accountability. how does one make sure that we eat right and hit the gym or exercise everyday.The answer for me was blogging, diet diary and setting short term goals. I have always noticed better results when I follow all three

Finally I decided to get over the procrastination and start again........ So what is the future plans..... well on a whim hubby dearest and me have chalenged each other for loosing 6kgs by July 14th (my birthday)... this is the short term goal along with also also loosing another 6 inches and 10% body fat. As for the diet diary I am back to cooking on my own so better diet and my
fitness pal will help me with my diary. Last but not the least is to blog regularly... to start off with atleast twice a week....
Thank you guys for all the sweet messages for when I was not around ....... and I promise you will see a lot of me. An more on the exercise plan in the next post.....

Friday, 26 July 2013

Fitness Inspiration – The Workout Mamma

I am usually scrounging the net for fitness blogs and enthusiasts, checking out personal weight loss journeys. And mostly my searches are for postpartum weight loss. In one such search I found the blog ,’The Workout Mamma’. I was impressed by the posts and certainly wanted to read the beginning which led me to the about section. I was in for a shock, for here I met the beautiful Tamara .
Her blog describes her as Christ follower wife to a firefighter, mother to Cadden, personal trainer, blogger and yoga Instructor.. But what makes her a true inspiration is way beyond all these titles. Her story is that of woman who is fighter. Her exceptional journey of fighting paralysis and getting back to being fit truly left all my excuses at shame. I sat at my desk reading her incredible recovery story, one straight read for a hour . It felt like I was reading fiction, but it was real. I had tears in my eyes when I read certain sections and smiles when I reached the end. The one question I asked when I finished reading was whether I could share her story with my readers and she agreed.
Tamara was affected by a rare neurological disorder called Guillain–BarrĂ© Syndrome that left her paralyzed neck below at the young age of 23.  I cannot imagine the physical let alone emotional trauma that she faced.  If it were me, I would still break down, but not Tamara. She researched everything she could about the disease and with faith and family as her ammunition decide to battle this disease out.
Then the change in diet, the physical therapy and yoga. To quote from her blog
In addition to my biblical based diet, juicing, chiropractor/massage appointments, and physical therapy, I implemented two more items to myself made recovery plan: water exercises and yoga. From late spring until early fall I was in the pool daily walking and stretching my arms and legs. I would have two pool noodles with me and would push them across the top of the water for very minor resistance training. The noodles also made my parents feel better to know I had two easily accessible floatation devices near me in case I became overly tired. Once the weather became cooler I began a gentle yoga practice at home. I checked out yoga DVD’s from the library and would rotate through their selection every two weeks. I could barely balance but I did what I could and over several months began to see improvement.”
The fight lasted for a whole two years but at the end of it Tamara won. Since then she has completed her teacher training in yoga, run a half marathon and stood second in a trilithon.
Her amazing story is certainly a reminder to let us know that if you have the will and faith then nothing is impossible.  You can read Tamara’s incredible journey here
Thank you Tamara for letting me share your story on my blog.
Her blog is an great resource for all fitness enthusiast and want to be fit yummy mummy

Monday, 22 July 2013

Happy Post

This is a happy post cause I wanted to  share some happiness.
When I started the blog I mentioned how I was stuck in a rut professionally and needed to make some changes. The big news is that I have a new job,  professionally excellent and  its a big move getting me closer to my dream role. I have never confessed but I am ambitious and power and the corner glass room excites me. For a while I have been lazy and the fire within had kind off quitened but with this news its back again in full blaze.
I am enjoying some last quite moments in my present job so I am fully charged for the new challenge.
The other happiness is weight wise I have dropped another 2 kgs so I am getting closer to my goal weight slowly .I was so thrilled to se the scale move, alas the hardwork is paying off. Jillian this wouldnt be possible without you  so a big thank you

This month was also my birthday month and age wise I have moved on to the big 35. The birthday itself was amazing because hubby dearest threw in a surprise party on a helipad and the Marriot Chef preparing a special cake for me .It was certainly a wow moment. He also gifted me the jewelry and a  Google Nexus Tab 7, making blogging so much easier. I dont feel technologically challenged any more. I wanted to  share all this loveliness with my amazing blogger friends.