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Adieu 2012

It’s that time of the year where people around the world are making resolutions, spending time with family and partying like there is no tomorrow. I am no different except for the partying bit.2012 has been a remarkable year for me with lots of hits and misses. The biggest hit being a mom to the most beautiful girl in the universe. This bundle of joy has made my life complete. It was a year of rejuvenation, be it health and fitness or career. It has also been a year of realizing that I have become bitter inside about certain relationships, which I shouldn’t. I am grateful for all the gifts that I have, be it lovely parents, a loving husband, an amazing sister, lovely friends and co-workers. Thank you God for all this and more.I will miss you 2012 This poem was sent to me on women’s day and so at the dawn of 2013 I aspire to be this person, I want to be her ,”pulled for the long haul” WHY WOMEN ARE SO SPECIAL . . .  Mum and Dad were watching TV when Mum said, "I'm tired, and it&…

Back to Blogging and Sharing my Wins

It’s been a while since I blogged so this post is a recap of all the happenings from the last time I blogged about quitting Body Revolution. First was the vacation, we were spending the time at my hubby dearest’s parents’ home. It’s this quaint town up north of the country, the beautiful valley, Dehradun. The vacation itself was good with some amazing sightseeing. Now about the fitness regime, I had planned to add an assortment of exercises, but none of that happened. The good part was that I ate well, had a lot of exercise doing house chores which included climbing stairs innumerable times with princess in tow. The results of that was an amazing loss of 10lbs and reaching my halfway mark of weight loss journey. Also lots of inch loss which meant fitting it quite a bit of my pre-pregnancy clothes. There were trousers that I couldn’t get past my thigh, which I slid into easily and buttoned up with no bulges. After the vacation I wanted to get back to my workouts, but life and laziness g…

Quitting Body Revolution

For all those who have read my blog are aware of my journey to fitness and body revolution. There are 2 main reasons that I want to quit
In all honesty I haven't given it my 100% with loads of cheats in following the routine. I did mention in the previous blogs that this will be my first go around at it and I plan to have a second round of body revolution . However it still is a shoddy jobI have a vacation planned and wouldn't be able to do this because I wont have the equipments. And with so many breaks in the schedule it just doesnt feel right.
I know I should complete it since I have completed two Phases and this was the last leg of the race, but its about doing it in 90 days and not at your own pace. I will be at it once the vacation is over and I have my routine set again.

Does this mean no workouts...... obviously no..... I plan to add workouts from P90X , Body revolution, Brazil Butt Lift and Hip Hop Abs all during this time and also during my vacation.
You will see a l…

Body Revolution Week 9 and Kerala

I set the alarm at 6:00am but turned it off and slept because I thought I should rest when I have the time in hand. I head back home tomorrow so this will end my time away from all home responsibilities. That does not mean I skipped my workouts, come evening and I attacked it with venegance. Today was Cardio3 from BR and Yoga X from P90X.
Cardio 3 is viscious with so many diffrent moves all 20 seconds long but you go through them 3 times. So here's a low down on all the moves
WindmillsJumping front kicksfast feetKnee ThrustsDouble under RopesHigh KicksPlank MogosRockstar JumpsSquat JumpsJumping LungesSquat JacksHigh Knees drop downsLong Jumb 2 backStanding Mountain ClimbersHigh Knees with rotationcannonball jumpsRunning pose one leg thrustsCrab KicksZig Zag JumpsJumping Planksdown dog thrustersSingle leg Cross HopsSide Plank BurpeesPlank punches WOW... Thats a mouthfull ...... and kicks you butt in 30 minutes.  But if you though that was tough you should certainly try Yoga X. I…

Body Revolution Week 9 and Kerala

the second day in kerala was beautiful, Iwas rested because I slept with no waking up in the middle of night to feed the baby. However I still miss my princess like crazy so I dont care if I wake up a hundred times as long as I can wake up to see her beutiful face.
Back to the workouts, I did some cardio in the morning in the Hotels gym, Treadmill mostly at Speed Intervals and evening was Workout10 and Ab ripper X. Body revolution is challenging , cause just when you think you mastered the move you move onto something tougher. Its keeps you working every single week...Jillian I love you for being a tough task master. Now about AB RIPPERX, it surely needs the all caps...339 insane total reps  with 11 moves. Its crazy but I love it, it works the core and its all on the floor. And I am sore after it cause I did it yesterday. I know I shouldnt be doing this everyday but I want the ripped core so I will follow it atleast 3 times a week.

The diet is controlled,
Breakfast: Oats ,  Small g…

Body Revolution and Gods Own Country----Kerala

I know I have been AOL for some time, well I am not going to get to the different excuses. Moral of the story I have been away from workouts and eating stuff I should clearly stay away from, but today I ended it.

That out of the way, lets talk about Kerala, today I landed in Kochi the coastal city to a pleasantly nice weather .This is a work related trip and my first time away from princess for full four days. I miss her like crazy, it was like my  someone squeezed my heart when I kissed her and said bye today morning.
Now I know why mom gets all teary eyed every time I leave home.
I want vent all those emotions in my workout so I completed Workout 9 from BR and AB RipperX from P90X today.I will give a low down on  Workout 9 ,10 and cardio 3 on Friday.
 These four days I want to eat clean and workout like crazy. The only hitch is the hotel room has a very tiny space, but it also has a gym so I will add in some cardio every morning other than the workouts. I also want to do a detox d…

Body Revolution Week 8

Finally Phase 2 is done, this week. It was a tough phase with some equally tough moves in workout 7 and 8.
But it gave me strenght to do stuff that I thought I would never be able to do. That includes planks and pushups. I also increased my weights during this phase.
Week 8 is special becuase I followed the schedule to the T by working out Mon-sat and also adding one extra workout every single day  from the Brazil Butt lift series.
This post is gonna be short because I have unwell baby to take care off, princess is down with fever . It is heart wrenching to see her suffer.

Body Revolution Week 7 Day 43 & 44

This week is great and there are lots of things to celebrate but first let me get to the workouts and then celebration.
Week 7 has Workout 7 and Workout 8, Jillian says that these workouts get tougher progressively and boy are they tough. Workout 7 will grind you to paste and then do it again. It has some really tough moves and after a long time I felt sore the next day. It has all kind of push-ups  and planks that work those shoulders and triceps. To top it are the super sets and crazy cardio intervals. Workout 8 is a little easier compared to 7 but  it  will still make you want divine intervention
So like I mentioned earlier this week has started of well  one reson is that I could fit into one of my pre pregnancy pants which I couldnt get past my thighs sometime in July. Another is I could fit into my favourite capris also pre pregnancy and wore it to go out with hubby dearest. I did my happy dance and was jumping all around the place .  But the best was hubby dearest showering wit…

Body Revolution Week 6 Day 36,37,38,39, 40,41,42

Week 6 was my second go around at the workout 5 and 6 and cardio 2. Workout 5 is tough , especially with pushups and side planks. I think I need to do some extra pushups everyday to get it right because the next weeks will be tough with some weird pushups in workout 7 and 8.
The week  statrted on Tuesday rather than a Monday so there wont be a rest day on sunday
I don't want to to do modified ones, so I need to get extra pushups, planks and side planks to my workout everyday
I am still waiting for the dumbbells that I ordered so guess I only get to add them from Week 7.
Something that I still haven't got a hang of is the meal planning and water intake. Its funny that I was able to have control when I worked out before my pregnancy so much that I reached my desired weight within 3 months. Most of this I account to laziness because taking care of the baby hasn't taken a toll on me. My mom is staying with us till princess turns one and she takes care of her all the time, so…

Body Revolution Week 5 Day 32, 33, 34

Week 5 was a little Blah because of the low weight dumbbells. But Week 6 onwards is going to be awsome as I have ordered new weights from ebay, cant weight for them for them to arrive.
The second go around at workout 5 and 6 and Cardio 2 was so much better than the first time. I completed the reps, cheated a little ...maybe 3 second breaks between some of the sets. Overall they werent that bad , only if I had heavier weights it would have been just perfect.
Food wise I did make mistakes and that made the week worse but I am back on track. Tommorow is Thoughtful Tuesday so there are gonna be some thoughtfull choices in food .

Body Revolution Week 5 Day 31

Wednesday was supposed to be Day 31 , the cold got worse and so I skipped the workout totally and got some needed rest. So Cardio 2 happened on Thursday. Wow this workout will have you huffing and puffing right from the word go.

It has 3 circuits with each one consists of jump ropes, butt kicks, high knees, alternating knee thrusts, jumping jacks, fast feet, skaters, skiers, cleahops, cross jacks, upper cuts, towel runs, hooks and burpees . All the moves are done in the previous phase but not to together though, which makes it tough or should I say makes you feel like you want to die.

 I realised that Phase 2 is way tougher than Phase 1 , lets see if I have the same opinion next week when it which will be my second go at Workout 5 and 6 and Cardio 2.  Another thing that I am worried about is not feeling sore after the workouts. And this is probably due to the weights that I use, so I have gone ahead and ordered some new heavier ones. I hope they arrive by the beginning of next week s…

Body revolution week 5 Day 30

I wasn't supposed to post until the end of this week,but what the hell I will try to do daily updates when ever I can
So today is one of those days. I had my first go at workout 6 today and unlike 5 I managed to complete it with just one cheat. Well you would think that it was easier than yesterday, but no, Jillian managed to kick my butt again. I don't want to give up so ploughed through it although I felt like I was dying. To make matters worse, I have a full blown cold or flu as you call it. In the end it all felt good to have completed it.
It's  true that you don't know that you had it in the whole time  till you have pushed your limits. I did that today and it felt great.
On the eating front I try  sticking to the calorie limit,but not entirely clean. Clean eating is a work in progress.
Ok that's it for now, more to come next time

Body revolution week 5 Day29

As you must have noticed I do not have the discipline to write a post everyday. So the posts are done every week. But today has to be an exception,it was the beginning of phase 2 with workout 5, and boy it kicked my ass. It was so tough that i tried it in the morning and stopped midway in the first circuit. I finally did it in the evening and could only do it till the first time of the fourth circuit. It was bad and I felt dizzy so stopped and did the cool down.
Supersets are tough may be I will be able to complete the next time.
Part of the problem is also that I have a bad throat, hope it doesn't get worse.
That's all for now. I will update the post end of this week

Body Revolution Week 4 revisited and Brazil Buttlift Week 1

Wow. this finally marks the end of phase 1 and start of the amazing Phase 2 with new cardio moves. As you all know that I repeated Week 4 because of my poor performance last week.
As I knew I wouldn't be visiting these workouts again in the schedule I really put in all the effort and boy did I feel I worked out.I did all the tough ones without cheating including the squirms, planks and all the other.
When I did the Cardio 1 for the last time I gave it my all, ran longer suicides and did the tougher versions of all the moves. I wanted to do it cause I knew I was not gonna come back to it again in the 90 days

The only one that I didn't do properly was the crescent in workout 3. Something that I noticed this week was if you don't give your 100% in the different exercises you would feel its all easy breezy. The past weeks I wasn't trying hard so BR felt too easy and not much of a workout. Also proper form makes a huge difference in working the right muscles.
Things that …

Body Revolution Week 4

This should have marked the end of BR  Week 4 and Phase 1 but it was a complete mess up. So I plan to extend week 4 to next week and complete Phase 1 properly. Though I have to admit that it started well with me completing  Workout 3 and Workout 4 with the added Brazil Butt lift workouts Bum Bum, High and tight and Cardio Axe as the Pm wortkout. Howeevr somewhere along the week it all fell apart.
This included the food. First it was the biryani and then it was all the sweets. I f I keep at it I am gonna eat my way through all the hardwork that I put in the workouts. There needs to be a little more discipline. This week is also gonna be difficult on the diet with huby dearest B'day and so the entire weekend of partying and eating out.
I will still try to keep control. Also what I need to do is be more regular with my food diary on myfitnesspal
The end goal is way bigger then all these small comfort food pleasures. THere was a reassurance on that when I went out shopping for my hus…

Compliments and Motivation

I mentioned in my last blog about all the compliments I have been receiving but what really bought happy tears was hubby dearest telling me l how beautiful I looked when I wore the saree to work the other day. Well one would say what's big deal however coming from  him it is great. He is always short on compliments. Its I would say  a rather rare affair.
So getting back to compliments all these lovely words is just wanting me to go at it harder.
this is the best motivation, no scales no measuring tapes just plain words.
on a different note I haven't been regular with blogs but I still am working on the discipline of working out, blogging and work both at home and office. Its a tough task to get over the comfort zone.......or lazy zone.however I am  and not whining about being lazy, just doing the things and starting from where I stopped even when I miss out on something. Dedication is the key word and success will follow even if it is late. I have stopped holding myself aga…

Body Revolution Week 3 part 2

This week had its ups and downs... was it equal maybe. So lets talk of the downs first :(
I took 2 days off instead of one so finished the week today i.e Monday instead of a Saturday.  So did the Cardio 1 today. Another one is the donuts that I had on Saturday.
And Now for the Ups :)
I completed all the workouts and added the Brazil Butt Lift Workouts as my PM workouts. And now for the big one. Saturday night  was party at a friends place , the moment I walked in  all my friends were like wow...what have you been doing, you really look so slim and fit. :) I was amazed because the scale hasn't moved but everyone were in awe of how different I looked in just a month. I met them last month on my birthday so it hasn't been long.
Preservance and hard work pays, and I can see it working. My clothes fit better and the muffin tops look a little less menacing ...... its still there.......sigh.So I am gonna keep at it, no matter what. Hubby dearest is appreciative and supportive as h…

Body Revolution Week 3

So as planned I  added the Am workout which is Cardio Axe from Brazil butt lift. The verdict is I love it. I love the fact that I was sweating like a pig at the end and still smiling because it was fun. A lot of the steps were tough to follow so it certainly isnt for people with two left feet. I pride myself to be a good dancer and I fumbled quite a bit.............. wow .
I planned to follow the Slim and shape  workout schedule of the Brazil butt lift but I so tempte to do the cardio Axe that I skipped the other workouts. So the Brazil Butt lift schedule will begin from Monday the 28th of August. Untill then it is going to be some random workouts from the brazil butt lift, knowing me , I am sure it will be cardio axe.
I am completing this blog while at work so a quick low down on the week so far.
Tuesday was Day1 of Week 3 with Workout 3. I managed to complete most of the exercises . The tough ones were the pushups and cresecent
Wednesday was Workout 4 most of the excercises were si…

Body Revolution Week 2

So last week was crazy with Independence Day and work schedules. I did manage to complete the workouts last week but the results our zilch..... Wow.... nothing to show, no inches , no pounds.
The diet was as usually completely off track with sweets and eating out. It just makes me want to wring myself.
A lot of the no result also accounts for  Workout 1 and Workout 2 being easy even with weights. Cardio 1 is also no sweat except for the suicides and running man . Guess I need to up my workout. I plan to add the Brazil Butt Lift to my schedule so I have 2 workouts, AM and PM

I feel so guilty especially since I see in all the blogs that I read the ladies maintain their schedules and diet even with a tough schedule. This so not done and I seriously need to stop giving excuses. the silver lining in the cloud is that I have worked out.

Also last week I finally got my blood work done and the result is that I have Hypothyroidism. This was first detected when I was pregnant but the doctors…

Body Revolution Day 6

This marks the end of week 1, just 12 more weeks to go. Though I did change the rest day to Saturday and completed the Cardio 1 on Sunday (Today). Today was also the result day for week 1.

Saturday was rest day but I did a bunch of house work, sweeping, mopping, shopping taking care of princess. It surely felt like a workout in itself. It was also pampering day, I got my much needed   "me time" with manicure, pedicure and a facial and a lovely back massage. It felt heavenly and I love my painted nails.

Before I give the result, let me give you a feedback on today's workout. Cardio 1 still kicks ass,its not the entire workout but the "running man" and "suicides", they certainly get me thinking whether I should run through the TV screen and Kick JM. I hate her, kidding.......... she surely wants my body to change , a tough task master.
  My diet yesterday was again a little way off because of the dinner out with family. Today I stayed within the calor…

Body Revolution Day 4& Day 5

Today was day 5 but I haven't been able to update the blog for day 4 as well. So this the update for both the days. Day 4 was workout 1 and day 5 is workout 2.
I am damn proud of myself that I did both without any cheats or breaks. It felt good.the pushups are still difficult however completed  week I will do most of the difficult options of most of the exercises. Also the weights seem a little low so have to pickup some heavier ones.
As for the diet ,I have been a bad girl. I had to make some halwa for janmashtmi so polished off an entire small bowl of it last night
To top that I had my Indian Chai today so have been cheating on that. So does that mean  I will not see any results in week 1. Hopefully not, I certainly could do with some motivation.
Next week I also plan to add cardio as pm workout but not necessarily body revolution cardio. Though it still kicks my ass. We will have to wait and watch what I will end up adding.
How many times have you planned something a…

Body Revolution Day3

I have been updating the Body revolution post every afternoon for the previous day so when it is Day 3 post I am already in Day 4 . I am dog tired by the end of the day to update the blogs. So when I take a break at work during lunch I update the blog.
Yesterday( Day3) was Cardio 1 again and except for the "Running Man" I did all of the whole thing without cheating. It seemed a lot better from the preivious day even the "Suicides". The headache  was gone yesterday So i think they are there because of a combination of lack of sleep, no tea and no sugar although there was little bit of sugar in the yogurt.

The food  was fine
Breakfast: 1 cup mango yogurt
Lunch: 1 roti with mutter( peas) curry and 2 tbspns Kichdi( a mix of rice, dal and vegetables cooked in indian spices)
Dinner : 3 roti's ( Indian flat bread) with beans sabzi( stir fried with indian spices)
Snack : 4 peices of wheat crackers and a protein shake.

Hubby dearest works late hours so by the time he i…

Body Revolution Day2

The day started with me waking up late......again.... rushing to work for a meeting that dint happen. So the AM workout dint happen. The entire day at work I had a really bad headache, guess the no caefine no sugar was causing it. Worse was the sore muscles, my entire body ached from the previous days workout.I though it was easy but the aches and pains made me realize that it had really was a killer. Thanks JM.

At the end of the day I managed to do the PM workout 2 which is  back, glutes,biceps, core and hamstrings. I wasnt struggling with any of the workouts but sweating a lot. Guess that means it really worked. I wanted to continue the Cardio1 but the headache just got worse after the workout so dint do it

Thats about the  the workout. As for the diet, I am not following the diet plan. I keep my calorie count between 1200 to 1300 so that should work I suppose.
Breakfast: muesili with apple and milk
Lunch: 2 rotis and 1 tbspn rice, 1 tbspn dal, and 2 cubes of paneer
Dinner: 3 roti…

Body Revolution Begins Day 1

Finally I woke today( as usuasl late... due to lack of sleep...with waking babies) to the usual excuses but I shut that voice in my head and poped the DVD and began my body revolution  Workout 1  AM. What topped it was I came back from work though tired did the Cardio1, the PM workout. Well that surely kicked my ass. The morning workout seemed a little to easy, guess it is from doing all the JM workouts. The only exception is the raised kicks and oblique crunches... my banlance is completely off
 I have decided not to follow the diet because I am still breastfeeding my princess, though I will be  eleminating sugar and fried stuff. The calorie count is around 1200 calorie

This was my Diet
Breakfast: Protein Shake and 1 dosa
Lunch: 2 tandoori roti and chicken curry
Snack: 2 plum
Dinner: grilled Tofu , half sliced cucumber and 1 kiwi.
I am happy that I  did it, but hubby dearest was nasty and demotivating. Hekept making snide remarks like"will you lose weight if you exercise once a…

Excuses and More Excuses

I have been trying to get back to the exercise regime but there isn’t a dearth of excuses for not working out and eating garbage ·I slept late so need to catch up on sleep. ·Well it’s Wednesday and one shouldn’t start the workout mid-week. ·How will I track the workout, it’s easy if I start on 1st of the month. ·If I don’t rest the workout will not be effective. ·Today I will plan and begin tomorrow. ·It’s too late in the evening. ·I will have that samosa today because I am on diet from tomorrow. ·It won’t hurt to have one slice of the cake. ·Oh come on I haven’t put on any weight. And on and on I can go. This has to stop……………..

Crying Baby means no exercise

My Little girl has been ill the whole of last week. To add to that she had a crying fit last night from 11:00pm to 2:00am so woke up late today. I feel extremely tired and to top it is the guiltiness that my workout plans have been stalled for all these days. What do i do? A divine intervention is required.

Exercise ------- not happening

A sick baby, a birthday week, laziness, crazy work schedule and boredom . This would sum up all the reasons for me breaking my exercise routine and my shedule for past 10 days.

10th of July was the lastday that I worked-out, today is the 19th and I havent yet got back to exercising.
So I decide that I needed a fresh start, and the answer was Jillian Micahels body revolution.  I know jumping from one plan to another is not going to help me get fit. But I was truly bored of the 30 day slimdown plan.
 Last friday was also the begining of the rainy season, exciting but makes one want to be cozy in bed, sleep that extra hour or dig into fried stuff with strong coffees.

The only silver lining in this is that diet plan of 1200- 1300 calories was followed except for saturday (birthday-------digging into that lovely chocolate cake and that sumptous biryani).

Day 8 --30 Day shred Level 1

Jillian michaels pep talk is certainly got annoying today. About the workout, I completed all of it and followed Natalie except for the pushups did the easier version. The food journal on fitness pal helps as I am trying to keep my calorie to 1200 -1300. Hopefully I see some results.

Diet--- Intersting dinner

Most people think that healthy food doesnt taste good. I dont agree, here is one that tried out for dinner
This is a  Masala roti with fresh cut vegies and low fat curd
Servings4 Ingredients 1 cupJowar Flour (Sorghum flour) 1 cup Wheat flour 1 tspn besan 2 tspn Jeera 1 tspn Ajwain 1 tspn Chilli powder / 1 finely chopped green chilli 1 tspn turmeric powder Salt to taste Method 1.In a bowl add all ingredients 2.Add boiling water and knead it into smooth dough 3.Set the dough aside for 10 minutes 4.Divide the dough into small balls 5.Dip one ball into the Wheatflour to coat and roll it out into a thin disc. Keep dipping the roti into the dry flour to prevent it from sticking to the rolling surface. 6.Shake or rub off excess flour from the rotli and place it onto the hot tawa. 7.Flip to the other side once you see bubbles appear on the surface. Allow it to cook for 10-15 seconds. Serve with fresh salad and Low Fat curd

1st week of 30 Day Slimdown

I havent been regular with updates so here is a quick lowdown  on the exercise. I did mention about Day 1 & 2 in my earlier post, here is the rest of week 1
Day 3 ------ 4th July
This was the begining of the tough one. No more trouble Zone. Wow Jillian you really plan on killing those zones. I was  huffing and puffing  during the sencond round of the first circuit.I was'nt able to complete  quite a few of the exercises but I ploughed on. I certainly was dead by the end.

Day 4 ---- 5th July
After Day3 this certainly was a cake walk.  the 30 day shred level 1 was a lot easier this time. Did it all and I could surely see my stamina improving.

6th July
I couldnt exercise today because of some important exercises. So this became the rest day and the count will begin

7th July
So I began the mother of all workouts Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism. And then hubby dearest wanted me to go out shopping with him. So I stopped mid way, right after circuit 2. Would you call that a workout, I …

Diet--- Some interesting Snacks

The tough part of loosing weight is the Diet and drinking water. I have been trying to find ways to make this interesting. This is what I made to make my evenings interesting

Murmura (Puffed Rice) Snack  Servings 4 Ingredients
4 cups puffed rice (murmura)
5 to 6 dry red chilli

10curry leaves (kadi patta)
2 tspoil
1/2 tspmustard seeds ( rai / sarson)
1/2 tspasafoetida (hing)
1 tspsugar and salt to tastee
1/2 tspturmeric powder (haldi)

1/2 cup roasted peanuts

Heat oil in a wok(kadhai)When the Oil is hot add mustard seeds and asafoetidaThen add red chilli and curry(kadhipatta) leaves add turmeric powderThen add sugar and salt and red chilli powderAdd the roasted peanutsNow add murmura and stir for a minuteNow chatpate murmure are ready to eatOr store it in air tight container for future use
To add flavour while serving add freshly chopped tomatoes, onions and cilanthro leaves with a dash of lemon.

Day 1 & 2 0f 30 Day slim down

I finally was able to start my workout yesterday. I have stuck to my plan of doing the the 30 Day SlimDown.
The exercise totally kicked my butt. I has panting and grunting through the first circuit. Evertime Jillian said things like "I want you to feel like you're going to die." I felt she was talking to me.
Thats the funny bit because when I did the 30DS last year all of Jillians talk was extremely annoying. Not any more, her talks were motivating. Hopefully it stays that way.
Day 2
All the muscles are sore. Today was another day of 30DS level 1. It got a lot easier today. I still have a long way to go though. I loved it when Jillian said "  I know you fell that little knot in your stomach, that is you getting stronger,that is fear leaving your body"

My Starting  Stats
Weight 154.3 Waist 37.5 Thigh 23.5 Calf 13 Arm 11.5 Bust 36  Hips 42.5 TRACKED THIS ON DAY 1 BEFORE THE WORKOUT

Weekend Update

I was suppose to start  the workout today but couldnt. Todays was a genuine reason , Mom wasnt there so I had to take care of the baby the entire day. Will keep you'll updated  about the workout tomorrow.

The My FitnessPal update

I wanted a way to log my everday diet and fluid intake.While I will update the details here a better place would be My FitnessPal . It lets me log food and water consumption .
This the report for 28th June

the biggest loser club

I mentioned about the group of collegues that I have roped for a biggest loser challenge. We finally created  a group on Facebook for it for daily updates. The plan is to weigh in on Monday. I dread it. My workout plan starts on sunday, I know a lot may think its a bad idea but simplicity sake as Sunday is the 1st of july , it seems fine. It  would make Saturday the rest day, which will be great after a long week of work, home and  workout. I have allowed my self one cheat day in a month.

As for the update on the diet, i have certainly started thinking about things that I put in the mouth . Also there is a tab on waking up to water and the water intake for the day. It is nearly reaching the 1.5 ltre mark. This journey is surely going to be uphill.
Ohh I also have the Ripped in 30 DVD. I was wondering whether I should start with Ripped in 30 or the 30 day slim down plan. Will keep updating if there are a change of plans.

Diet Plan

All weight loss programs fail due to diet. "You cannot keep shoveling the same crap into your mouth every day and expect to loose weight.” Skinny Bitch. When I got pregnant I stopped worrying about what I ate worst still I continued doing so after the birth as well. Chocolates, ice-creams, chips, samosas, jalebis you name it and I ate it, all in the name of  pregnancy and child birth. One thing I would request all pregnant women is to watch what you eat while you are pregnant or you will end being the fat mummy that you loath being. I was size 0 before my wedding (all my life till the age of 30), reached a size 12 after the wedding and stayed there for 2 years, went back to a size 0 (workout, diet ) and stayed there till pregnancy. The crux is I haven’t it in me to be fit and to eat sensibly. This diet plan was created after reading a lot of diet books. Reading list: Don't Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight and Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha by Rujuta Diwekar, The Four-week C…

workout procrastination

I certainly wanted to start my exercise regime two days back but haven't begun. Reason,sleep. I wonder if its because I don't get enough sleep or that i have to wake up so many times to feed the baby. Anyways whatever the excuse I have to do it.
I know part of the problem is  laziness and my habit to procrastinate.I surely need to stop it and start working out. I dont think i will be able to do it tomorrow either  cause i have to be at work early.
God the weight keeps piling on I am not doing much about it.
The only light at the end of the tunnel is that I am trying to stick to my diet plan. The next blog is about the diet plan.

My weight loss plan

I need to loose weight and I need to lose it soon. There are couple of reasons I thought that this should be the first place I need to work on in my journey to be yummymummy. But the most important of them all is be healthy and fit so I can take care of my daughter  and be there for her

The goal........ My current weight-------70kgs .( Shocking ......this was my rude awakening today) Goal weight  in 4months----------- 58kgs Goal Weight in 6mnths-----------55kgs I need to also checkin the other stats so I  can track the inch loss.
In my journey to lose weight the biggest hurdle I see is to be able to stick to the plan. No matter how motivated one is it always easy to slip. To tackle this one I roped in some collegues at work on a biggest loser challenge to help me stay on track .  More on the biggest loser challenge in the coming weeks. A challenge like this helps me stay on track and the incentive is amazing. 
So what is the plan., two things diet and exercise. Workout plan First 3…