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The My FitnessPal update

I wanted a way to log my everday diet and fluid intake.While I will update the details here a better place would be My FitnessPal . It lets me log food and water consumption .
This the report for 28th June

the biggest loser club

I mentioned about the group of collegues that I have roped for a biggest loser challenge. We finally created  a group on Facebook for it for daily updates. The plan is to weigh in on Monday. I dread it. My workout plan starts on sunday, I know a lot may think its a bad idea but simplicity sake as Sunday is the 1st of july , it seems fine. It  would make Saturday the rest day, which will be great after a long week of work, home and  workout. I have allowed my self one cheat day in a month.

As for the update on the diet, i have certainly started thinking about things that I put in the mouth . Also there is a tab on waking up to water and the water intake for the day. It is nearly reaching the 1.5 ltre mark. This journey is surely going to be uphill.
Ohh I also have the Ripped in 30 DVD. I was wondering whether I should start with Ripped in 30 or the 30 day slim down plan. Will keep updating if there are a change of plans.

Diet Plan

All weight loss programs fail due to diet. "You cannot keep shoveling the same crap into your mouth every day and expect to loose weight.” Skinny Bitch. When I got pregnant I stopped worrying about what I ate worst still I continued doing so after the birth as well. Chocolates, ice-creams, chips, samosas, jalebis you name it and I ate it, all in the name of  pregnancy and child birth. One thing I would request all pregnant women is to watch what you eat while you are pregnant or you will end being the fat mummy that you loath being. I was size 0 before my wedding (all my life till the age of 30), reached a size 12 after the wedding and stayed there for 2 years, went back to a size 0 (workout, diet ) and stayed there till pregnancy. The crux is I haven’t it in me to be fit and to eat sensibly. This diet plan was created after reading a lot of diet books. Reading list: Don't Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight and Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha by Rujuta Diwekar, The Four-week C…

workout procrastination

I certainly wanted to start my exercise regime two days back but haven't begun. Reason,sleep. I wonder if its because I don't get enough sleep or that i have to wake up so many times to feed the baby. Anyways whatever the excuse I have to do it.
I know part of the problem is  laziness and my habit to procrastinate.I surely need to stop it and start working out. I dont think i will be able to do it tomorrow either  cause i have to be at work early.
God the weight keeps piling on I am not doing much about it.
The only light at the end of the tunnel is that I am trying to stick to my diet plan. The next blog is about the diet plan.

My weight loss plan

I need to loose weight and I need to lose it soon. There are couple of reasons I thought that this should be the first place I need to work on in my journey to be yummymummy. But the most important of them all is be healthy and fit so I can take care of my daughter  and be there for her

The goal........ My current weight-------70kgs .( Shocking ......this was my rude awakening today) Goal weight  in 4months----------- 58kgs Goal Weight in 6mnths-----------55kgs I need to also checkin the other stats so I  can track the inch loss.
In my journey to lose weight the biggest hurdle I see is to be able to stick to the plan. No matter how motivated one is it always easy to slip. To tackle this one I roped in some collegues at work on a biggest loser challenge to help me stay on track .  More on the biggest loser challenge in the coming weeks. A challenge like this helps me stay on track and the incentive is amazing. 
So what is the plan., two things diet and exercise. Workout plan First 3…

the weight loss story at 34

I am 34, mother of a beautiful baby girl and wife to a handsome man. Does that make me happy? Not really. I gave birth to my princess six months ago and love the feeling of being a mother but what I dont like is not being able to look in the mirror and feel  good. The person I see in the mirror is a Fat old woman with dark circles, tired looking face and most of all completely clueless of life. Its like seeing me without passion or fire. . Can a weightloss  and image makeover change it, maybe and maybe not. What I need is a complete overhaul (image, attitude, passion,dressing style and confidence) I want my old self back , not just for my daughter and my husband but most importantly myself. I started this blog to love myself again, to be the yummy mummy that my princess will be proud of. The deadline is 6 months...Intime for my daughters first birthday.
So there are couple of things that I want to do Rewrite my Mission statement Rework the goals Weight loss Rejuevnate my career. Thi…