the biggest loser club

I mentioned about the group of collegues that I have roped for a biggest loser challenge. We finally created  a group on Facebook for it for daily updates. The plan is to weigh in on Monday. I dread it. My workout plan starts on sunday, I know a lot may think its a bad idea but simplicity sake as Sunday is the 1st of july , it seems fine. It  would make Saturday the rest day, which will be great after a long week of work, home and  workout. I have allowed my self one cheat day in a month.

As for the update on the diet, i have certainly started thinking about things that I put in the mouth . Also there is a tab on waking up to water and the water intake for the day. It is nearly reaching the 1.5 ltre mark. This journey is surely going to be uphill.
Ohh I also have the Ripped in 30 DVD. I was wondering whether I should start with Ripped in 30 or the 30 day slim down plan. Will keep updating if there are a change of plans.


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