the weight loss story at 34

I am 34, mother of a beautiful baby girl and wife to a handsome man. Does that make me happy? Not really.
I gave birth to my princess six months ago and love the feeling of being a mother but what I dont like is not being able to look in the mirror and feel  good. The person I see in the mirror is a Fat old woman with dark circles, tired looking face and most of all completely clueless of life. Its like seeing me without passion or fire.
. Can a weightloss  and image makeover change it, maybe and maybe not. What I need is a complete overhaul (image, attitude, passion,dressing style and confidence) I want my old self back , not just for my daughter and my husband but most importantly myself. I started this blog to love myself again, to be the yummy mummy that my princess will be proud of. The deadline is 6 months...Intime for my daughters first birthday.

So there are couple of things that I want to do
  • Rewrite my Mission statement
  • Rework the goals
  • Weight loss
  • Rejuevnate my career.
This blog will be my journal, my memoir of my weightloss and loving myself journey. Please feel free to comment or leave motivational thoughts if you drop by.


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