1st week of 30 Day Slimdown

I havent been regular with updates so here is a quick lowdown  on the exercise. I did mention about Day 1 & 2 in my earlier post, here is the rest of week 1
Day 3 ------ 4th July
This was the begining of the tough one. No more trouble Zone. Wow Jillian you really plan on killing those zones. I was  huffing and puffing  during the sencond round of the first circuit.I was'nt able to complete  quite a few of the exercises but I ploughed on. I certainly was dead by the end.

Day 4 ---- 5th July
After Day3 this certainly was a cake walk.  the 30 day shred level 1 was a lot easier this time. Did it all and I could surely see my stamina improving.

6th July
I couldnt exercise today because of some important exercises. So this became the rest day and the count will begin

7th July
So I began the mother of all workouts Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism. And then hubby dearest wanted me to go out shopping with him. So I stopped mid way, right after circuit 2. Would you call that a workout, I dont think so I decided to repeat the BFBM the next day. Was I looking forward to it no, not at all. Who wants their ass kicked.The day turned out to completely ruin my diet ... deep fried samosas, pani puri so totally not worth it

Day 5 ---8th July
Today I completed BFBM , I am so proud of myself. But the exercise kicked my migrane. Guess I dint drink enough fluids.

Day 6 ----9th July
 Quick Trouble Zone is 1st four circuits of NMTZ. I am so proud of myself that I could complete all the circuits without cheating.  The exercising has become a lot easier .I am still sweting like a pig but no headaches.

 That was the week 1.


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