Exercise ------- not happening

A sick baby, a birthday week, laziness, crazy work schedule and boredom . This would sum up all the reasons for me breaking my exercise routine and my shedule for past 10 days.

10th of July was the lastday that I worked-out, today is the 19th and I havent yet got back to exercising.
So I decide that I needed a fresh start, and the answer was Jillian Micahels body revolution.  I know jumping from one plan to another is not going to help me get fit. But I was truly bored of the 30 day slimdown plan.
 Last friday was also the begining of the rainy season, exciting but makes one want to be cozy in bed, sleep that extra hour or dig into fried stuff with strong coffees.
Driving in the rain...absolutely love it

The only silver lining in this is that diet plan of 1200- 1300 calories was followed except for saturday (birthday-------digging into that lovely chocolate cake and that sumptous biryani).
Tandori Shrimp with Mint Chutney


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