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Compliments and Motivation

I mentioned in my last blog about all the compliments I have been receiving but what really bought happy tears was hubby dearest telling me l how beautiful I looked when I wore the saree to work the other day. Well one would say what's big deal however coming from  him it is great. He is always short on compliments. Its I would say  a rather rare affair.
So getting back to compliments all these lovely words is just wanting me to go at it harder.
this is the best motivation, no scales no measuring tapes just plain words.
on a different note I haven't been regular with blogs but I still am working on the discipline of working out, blogging and work both at home and office. Its a tough task to get over the comfort zone.......or lazy zone.however I am  and not whining about being lazy, just doing the things and starting from where I stopped even when I miss out on something. Dedication is the key word and success will follow even if it is late. I have stopped holding myself aga…

Body Revolution Week 3 part 2

This week had its ups and downs... was it equal maybe. So lets talk of the downs first :(
I took 2 days off instead of one so finished the week today i.e Monday instead of a Saturday.  So did the Cardio 1 today. Another one is the donuts that I had on Saturday.
And Now for the Ups :)
I completed all the workouts and added the Brazil Butt Lift Workouts as my PM workouts. And now for the big one. Saturday night  was party at a friends place , the moment I walked in  all my friends were like wow...what have you been doing, you really look so slim and fit. :) I was amazed because the scale hasn't moved but everyone were in awe of how different I looked in just a month. I met them last month on my birthday so it hasn't been long.
Preservance and hard work pays, and I can see it working. My clothes fit better and the muffin tops look a little less menacing ...... its still there.......sigh.So I am gonna keep at it, no matter what. Hubby dearest is appreciative and supportive as h…

Body Revolution Week 3

So as planned I  added the Am workout which is Cardio Axe from Brazil butt lift. The verdict is I love it. I love the fact that I was sweating like a pig at the end and still smiling because it was fun. A lot of the steps were tough to follow so it certainly isnt for people with two left feet. I pride myself to be a good dancer and I fumbled quite a bit.............. wow .
I planned to follow the Slim and shape  workout schedule of the Brazil butt lift but I so tempte to do the cardio Axe that I skipped the other workouts. So the Brazil Butt lift schedule will begin from Monday the 28th of August. Untill then it is going to be some random workouts from the brazil butt lift, knowing me , I am sure it will be cardio axe.
I am completing this blog while at work so a quick low down on the week so far.
Tuesday was Day1 of Week 3 with Workout 3. I managed to complete most of the exercises . The tough ones were the pushups and cresecent
Wednesday was Workout 4 most of the excercises were si…

Body Revolution Week 2

So last week was crazy with Independence Day and work schedules. I did manage to complete the workouts last week but the results our zilch..... Wow.... nothing to show, no inches , no pounds.
The diet was as usually completely off track with sweets and eating out. It just makes me want to wring myself.
A lot of the no result also accounts for  Workout 1 and Workout 2 being easy even with weights. Cardio 1 is also no sweat except for the suicides and running man . Guess I need to up my workout. I plan to add the Brazil Butt Lift to my schedule so I have 2 workouts, AM and PM

I feel so guilty especially since I see in all the blogs that I read the ladies maintain their schedules and diet even with a tough schedule. This so not done and I seriously need to stop giving excuses. the silver lining in the cloud is that I have worked out.

Also last week I finally got my blood work done and the result is that I have Hypothyroidism. This was first detected when I was pregnant but the doctors…

Body Revolution Day 6

This marks the end of week 1, just 12 more weeks to go. Though I did change the rest day to Saturday and completed the Cardio 1 on Sunday (Today). Today was also the result day for week 1.

Saturday was rest day but I did a bunch of house work, sweeping, mopping, shopping taking care of princess. It surely felt like a workout in itself. It was also pampering day, I got my much needed   "me time" with manicure, pedicure and a facial and a lovely back massage. It felt heavenly and I love my painted nails.

Before I give the result, let me give you a feedback on today's workout. Cardio 1 still kicks ass,its not the entire workout but the "running man" and "suicides", they certainly get me thinking whether I should run through the TV screen and Kick JM. I hate her, kidding.......... she surely wants my body to change , a tough task master.
  My diet yesterday was again a little way off because of the dinner out with family. Today I stayed within the calor…

Body Revolution Day 4& Day 5

Today was day 5 but I haven't been able to update the blog for day 4 as well. So this the update for both the days. Day 4 was workout 1 and day 5 is workout 2.
I am damn proud of myself that I did both without any cheats or breaks. It felt good.the pushups are still difficult however completed  week I will do most of the difficult options of most of the exercises. Also the weights seem a little low so have to pickup some heavier ones.
As for the diet ,I have been a bad girl. I had to make some halwa for janmashtmi so polished off an entire small bowl of it last night
To top that I had my Indian Chai today so have been cheating on that. So does that mean  I will not see any results in week 1. Hopefully not, I certainly could do with some motivation.
Next week I also plan to add cardio as pm workout but not necessarily body revolution cardio. Though it still kicks my ass. We will have to wait and watch what I will end up adding.
How many times have you planned something a…

Body Revolution Day3

I have been updating the Body revolution post every afternoon for the previous day so when it is Day 3 post I am already in Day 4 . I am dog tired by the end of the day to update the blogs. So when I take a break at work during lunch I update the blog.
Yesterday( Day3) was Cardio 1 again and except for the "Running Man" I did all of the whole thing without cheating. It seemed a lot better from the preivious day even the "Suicides". The headache  was gone yesterday So i think they are there because of a combination of lack of sleep, no tea and no sugar although there was little bit of sugar in the yogurt.

The food  was fine
Breakfast: 1 cup mango yogurt
Lunch: 1 roti with mutter( peas) curry and 2 tbspns Kichdi( a mix of rice, dal and vegetables cooked in indian spices)
Dinner : 3 roti's ( Indian flat bread) with beans sabzi( stir fried with indian spices)
Snack : 4 peices of wheat crackers and a protein shake.

Hubby dearest works late hours so by the time he i…

Body Revolution Day2

The day started with me waking up late......again.... rushing to work for a meeting that dint happen. So the AM workout dint happen. The entire day at work I had a really bad headache, guess the no caefine no sugar was causing it. Worse was the sore muscles, my entire body ached from the previous days workout.I though it was easy but the aches and pains made me realize that it had really was a killer. Thanks JM.

At the end of the day I managed to do the PM workout 2 which is  back, glutes,biceps, core and hamstrings. I wasnt struggling with any of the workouts but sweating a lot. Guess that means it really worked. I wanted to continue the Cardio1 but the headache just got worse after the workout so dint do it

Thats about the  the workout. As for the diet, I am not following the diet plan. I keep my calorie count between 1200 to 1300 so that should work I suppose.
Breakfast: muesili with apple and milk
Lunch: 2 rotis and 1 tbspn rice, 1 tbspn dal, and 2 cubes of paneer
Dinner: 3 roti…

Body Revolution Begins Day 1

Finally I woke today( as usuasl late... due to lack of sleep...with waking babies) to the usual excuses but I shut that voice in my head and poped the DVD and began my body revolution  Workout 1  AM. What topped it was I came back from work though tired did the Cardio1, the PM workout. Well that surely kicked my ass. The morning workout seemed a little to easy, guess it is from doing all the JM workouts. The only exception is the raised kicks and oblique crunches... my banlance is completely off
 I have decided not to follow the diet because I am still breastfeeding my princess, though I will be  eleminating sugar and fried stuff. The calorie count is around 1200 calorie

This was my Diet
Breakfast: Protein Shake and 1 dosa
Lunch: 2 tandoori roti and chicken curry
Snack: 2 plum
Dinner: grilled Tofu , half sliced cucumber and 1 kiwi.
I am happy that I  did it, but hubby dearest was nasty and demotivating. Hekept making snide remarks like"will you lose weight if you exercise once a…

Excuses and More Excuses

I have been trying to get back to the exercise regime but there isn’t a dearth of excuses for not working out and eating garbage ·I slept late so need to catch up on sleep. ·Well it’s Wednesday and one shouldn’t start the workout mid-week. ·How will I track the workout, it’s easy if I start on 1st of the month. ·If I don’t rest the workout will not be effective. ·Today I will plan and begin tomorrow. ·It’s too late in the evening. ·I will have that samosa today because I am on diet from tomorrow. ·It won’t hurt to have one slice of the cake. ·Oh come on I haven’t put on any weight. And on and on I can go. This has to stop……………..