Body Revolution Begins Day 1

Finally I woke today( as usuasl late... due to lack of sleep...with waking babies) to the usual excuses but I shut that voice in my head and poped the DVD and began my body revolution  Workout 1  AM. What topped it was I came back from work though tired did the Cardio1, the PM workout. Well that surely kicked my ass. The morning workout seemed a little to easy, guess it is from doing all the JM workouts. The only exception is the raised kicks and oblique crunches... my banlance is completely off
 I have decided not to follow the diet because I am still breastfeeding my princess, though I will be  eleminating sugar and fried stuff. The calorie count is around 1200 calorie

This was my Diet
Breakfast: Protein Shake and 1 dosa
Lunch: 2 tandoori roti and chicken curry
Snack: 2 plum
Dinner: grilled Tofu , half sliced cucumber and 1 kiwi.
I am happy that I  did it, but hubby dearest was nasty and demotivating. Hekept making snide remarks like"will you lose weight if you exercise once a year". I was so pissed with him that I wanted to hurl those weights at him. I have promised myself to prove everyone wrong.. even that voice in me that tells me to take it easy and forget about exercising.
Have you had any loved one be demotivating?


  1. I have very limited options with flipkart. Any idea where I can get variety with fitness dvd's?

  2. The best place for fitness DVDs is either amazon or the source of the dvd make like Beach body. Another place to source is ebay. Love the deals on ebay

  3. Hi,

    Can you please recommend a list of DVDs I can look at procuring,need to loose good 20 kgs. As such aware about a lot of basics but need some structured program.

    1. Hi Garima
      For a weight loss I suggest you start of with Jillian Micahels 30 day shred. It is well structured , tough and amazing to loose fat. However if you are looking at something tougher then you can also try her JM's 30 day slimdown plan. You can find the plan here on my blog

      I hope this helps. Do write back if you need any other help


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