Body Revolution Day 4& Day 5

Today was day 5 but I haven't been able to update the blog for day 4 as well. So this the update for both the days. Day 4 was workout 1 and day 5 is workout 2.
I am damn proud of myself that I did both without any cheats or breaks. It felt good.the pushups are still difficult however completed  week I will do most of the difficult options of most of the exercises. Also the weights seem a little low so have to pickup some heavier ones.
As for the diet ,I have been a bad girl. I had to make some halwa for janmashtmi so polished off an entire small bowl of it last night
To top that I had my Indian Chai today so have been cheating on that. So does that mean  I will not see any results in week 1. Hopefully not, I certainly could do with some motivation.
Next week I also plan to add cardio as pm workout but not necessarily body revolution cardio. Though it still kicks my ass. We will have to wait and watch what I will end up adding.
How many times have you planned something and it hasn't worked.


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