Body Revolution Day 6

This marks the end of week 1, just 12 more weeks to go. Though I did change the rest day to Saturday and completed the Cardio 1 on Sunday (Today). Today was also the result day for week 1.

Saturday was rest day but I did a bunch of house work, sweeping, mopping, shopping taking care of princess. It surely felt like a workout in itself. It was also pampering day, I got my much needed   "me time" with manicure, pedicure and a facial and a lovely back massage. It felt heavenly and I love my painted nails.

Before I give the result, let me give you a feedback on today's workout. Cardio 1 still kicks ass,its not the entire workout but the "running man" and "suicides", they certainly get me thinking whether I should run through the TV screen and Kick JM. I hate her, kidding.......... she surely wants my body to change , a tough task master.
  My diet yesterday was again a little way off because of the dinner out with family. Today I stayed within the calorie limit. I know I havent been recording the diet though, will do it from tomorrow.
So the results

 Starting Week1
Weight 154.3152.1
Waist 37.537
Total Inchloss 5 inches/ 2.1lb

I know it  is'nt much but a lot of that is becuase of the diet. I need to keep a little more control.
I will , the plan this week will be to keep that under 1300 calorie.


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