Body Revolution Day2

The day started with me waking up late......again.... rushing to work for a meeting that dint happen. So the AM workout dint happen. The entire day at work I had a really bad headache, guess the no caefine no sugar was causing it. Worse was the sore muscles, my entire body ached from the previous days workout.I though it was easy but the aches and pains made me realize that it had really was a killer. Thanks JM.

At the end of the day I managed to do the PM workout 2 which is  back, glutes,biceps, core and hamstrings. I wasnt struggling with any of the workouts but sweating a lot. Guess that means it really worked. I wanted to continue the Cardio1 but the headache just got worse after the workout so dint do it

Thats about the  the workout. As for the diet, I am not following the diet plan. I keep my calorie count between 1200 to 1300 so that should work I suppose.
Breakfast: muesili with apple and milk
Lunch: 2 rotis and 1 tbspn rice, 1 tbspn dal, and 2 cubes of paneer
Dinner: 3 roti's and cabbage sabzi.
Snack: 4 Wheat crackers 

Thats it for the day. Hope you are digging in deep to keep exercising no matter what.


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