Body Revolution Day3

I have been updating the Body revolution post every afternoon for the previous day so when it is Day 3 post I am already in Day 4 . I am dog tired by the end of the day to update the blogs. So when I take a break at work during lunch I update the blog.
Yesterday( Day3) was Cardio 1 again and except for the "Running Man" I did all of the whole thing without cheating. It seemed a lot better from the preivious day even the "Suicides". The headache  was gone yesterday So i think they are there because of a combination of lack of sleep, no tea and no sugar although there was little bit of sugar in the yogurt.

The food  was fine
Breakfast: 1 cup mango yogurt
Lunch: 1 roti with mutter( peas) curry and 2 tbspns Kichdi( a mix of rice, dal and vegetables cooked in indian spices)
Dinner : 3 roti's ( Indian flat bread) with beans sabzi( stir fried with indian spices)
Snack : 4 peices of wheat crackers and a protein shake.

Hubby dearest works late hours so by the time he is home I am ususally done with dinner. His usual meal is Kichdi with some veggies. Yesterday  after he had dinner  he had some kichdi left. I ususall cook just the same portions everyday but he had 1 roti so  he was full. So he asks me not to throw it away and just have that little that was left over. I refused flat, which I usually dont. I dint touch it .
I know its not nice wasting food but having that extra bit wouldnt do anyone a favour . So I resisted the temptation and it felt good .
Have you resisted eating leftovers from your childs plate or hubbys because you hate wasting food?


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