Body Revolution Week 3 part 2

This week had its ups and downs... was it equal maybe. So lets talk of the downs first :(
I took 2 days off instead of one so finished the week today i.e Monday instead of a Saturday.  So did the Cardio 1 today. Another one is the donuts that I had on Saturday.
And Now for the Ups :)
I completed all the workouts and added the Brazil Butt Lift Workouts as my PM workouts. And now for the big one. Saturday night  was party at a friends place , the moment I walked in  all my friends were like wow...what have you been doing, you really look so slim and fit. :) I was amazed because the scale hasn't moved but everyone were in awe of how different I looked in just a month. I met them last month on my birthday so it hasn't been long.
Preservance and hard work pays, and I can see it working. My clothes fit better and the muffin tops look a little less menacing ...... its still there.......sigh.So I am gonna keep at it, no matter what. Hubby dearest is appreciative and supportive as he sees all the work that I put in everyday. All in all it was an awesome week.
Back to the workouts,  Body Revolution Workout 3 and 4 are getting easy, Cardio 1 still beats my ass because of the running man. Food wise all was well except for the donut on Saturday, but I danced like crazy so I burnt a ton of calories .
Today marked the begining of my Brazil Butt lift schedule as well. More on that in the next post. Got to catch some sleep becasuse need to get to work early. So sleep tight and keep at it.


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