Body Revolution Week 3

So as planned I  added the Am workout which is Cardio Axe from Brazil butt lift. The verdict is I love it. I love the fact that I was sweating like a pig at the end and still smiling because it was fun. A lot of the steps were tough to follow so it certainly isnt for people with two left feet. I pride myself to be a good dancer and I fumbled quite a bit.............. wow .
I planned to follow the Slim and shape  workout schedule of the Brazil butt lift but I so tempte to do the cardio Axe that I skipped the other workouts. So the Brazil Butt lift schedule will begin from Monday the 28th of August. Untill then it is going to be some random workouts from the brazil butt lift, knowing me , I am sure it will be cardio axe.
I am completing this blog while at work so a quick low down on the week so far.
Tuesday was Day1 of Week 3 with Workout 3. I managed to complete most of the exercises . The tough ones were the pushups and cresecent
Wednesday was Workout 4 most of the excercises were similar to the earlier JM videos so that wasnt all that tough exception was the walking plank.I fumbled a lot with the moves because I didnt know what was the next move
The food was pretty much the same and no sins this week.  This is first part of Week3 the rest I will add once I complete it. 


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