Compliments and Motivation

I mentioned in my last blog about all the compliments I have been receiving but what really bought happy tears was hubby dearest telling me l how beautiful I looked when I wore the saree to work the other day. Well one would say what's big deal however coming from  him it is great. He is always short on compliments. Its I would say  a rather rare affair.
So getting back to compliments all these lovely words is just wanting me to go at it harder.
this is the best motivation, no scales no measuring tapes just plain words.
on a different note I haven't been regular with blogs but I still am working on the discipline of working out, blogging and work both at home and office. Its a tough task to get over the comfort zone.......or lazy zone.however I am  and not whining about being lazy, just doing the things and starting from where I stopped even when I miss out on something. Dedication is the key word and success will follow even if it is late. I have stopped holding myself against the scale. This journey will be about finding myself back amidst all the chaos around me.


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