Body Revolution Week 4 revisited and Brazil Buttlift Week 1

Wow. this finally marks the end of phase 1 and start of the amazing Phase 2 with new cardio moves. As you all know that I repeated Week 4 because of my poor performance last week.
As I knew I wouldn't be visiting these workouts again in the schedule I really put in all the effort and boy did I feel I worked out.I did all the tough ones without cheating including the squirms, planks and all the other.
When I did the Cardio 1 for the last time I gave it my all, ran longer suicides and did the tougher versions of all the moves. I wanted to do it cause I knew I was not gonna come back to it again in the 90 days

The only one that I didn't do properly was the crescent in workout 3. Something that I noticed this week was if you don't give your 100% in the different exercises you would feel its all easy breezy. The past weeks I wasn't trying hard so BR felt too easy and not much of a workout. Also proper form makes a huge difference in working the right muscles.
Things that haven't improved yet are the balance and the planks. Guess it will improve over the course.

That's about Body Revolution now onto my PM workout Brazill Buttlift. This marked the first week of the schedule. I ma following the Classic Solution  Schedule because I couldn't figure out my butt type. It just feels a little like all. So here is the Schedule for Week 1 and 2

I love the cardio axe but the other workouts are tougher.. Bum Bum really hurts my knee with all the squatting and lunging and but I still did it. What I dint like was sculpt, it was way too long and very slow for my taste. But I am gonna keep at it and see if the sagging bulging things at the back change to round and tight bum bums.
Oh Brazil butt lift also has some really tough moves like the mermaid and the planks. Yes I know planks have become my Achilles heel. Need to do something about it.
So that's about Brazil Buttlift.

On the food  now , this week was totally fine except for Thursday night due the surprise party that I planned for my hubby dearest. I had 2 pieces of yummy French vanilla cake and biryani ( they are my weakness).
Rest I have been  totally in my calorie limits if not lower( I know that's bad because body going into starvation mode). Meals are certainly a project that is work ongoing. I will get there by next  week . It is a promise I made to myself.

The week ended on a happy note cause hubby dearest took me out shopping and bought me some lovely footwear (6 to be exact). They are lovely, cant wait to wear them. So the weekend also gave me huge opportunities to burn more calories by doing all the walking.

When I started this journey I mentioned about my goals , what I dint mention is about the outfit that I want to wear at my daughters first birthday. Hubby dearest bought me this one a year and a half ago. I wanted to wear it then but I got pregnant so it was lying in the wardrobe all this while. When I started weight loss journey I decided that wearing this would be my milestone and reward. SO here is a picture of the outfit. Its designed by a famous Indian designer Archanna Kochar.

So you see this requires a fab figure , and that I will achieve it


  1. Hi there...all the best for the weight loss!!...could you help me with the brazilian butt lift dvd...where did you buy it??

    1. You could buy the Brazil butt lift dvd from either of these places
      I hope this helps

  2. how many calories do i need to intake while doing the Brazilian buttock lift program?
    i intake 1,200 right now. but if you workout dont you need to intake more?
    my healthy diets has fiber & good fats and carbs in it so i have that down.
    but how many calories needed w/ a daily program?
    serious answers only please!

  3. The Brazil Buttlift program comes with a nutrition guide , but i did not follow it because it was too westernized . I generally stick to BMR to calculate how much to eat.

    Basal Metaboiic Rate (BMR)is the number of calories required in one day for your body, age and activity level.This is a very usefuI tool for heLping you manage your diet.How to calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate:
    Step 1 :
    ó55* + [4.3 x your weight in pounds] + 14.7 x your height in inches)-14.7 x your'age in year:)

    Step 2:Multiply the number from step one by your current activity factor
    if you exercise 1 to 2 times a week then
    (your numberf rom Step 1)x 1.2 =YOUR BMR
    if you exercise 2to4 times a week:
    (your number from Step 1] x 1.4 =YOUR BMR
    if you exercise 4 to 6 times a week:
    (your number from Step 1] x 1.6 =YOUR BMR
    Now that you have an estimate oÍ how many calories your body needs, simpLy consume LESS than that and your body will be forced to access its stored fat to make up the difÍerence.
    calories eaten -BMR-calories burned = catorie deficit
    0nce you accumutate a 3,500 caLorie deficit, you've burned off 1 pound of
    fat your daiLy calorie intake must be above 1200 caLories per day
    Daily Defecit
    - 450 calories Lose 1/8 pound a day, ó.9 pounds of fat in 8 weeks
    - 900 calories Lose 1/4 pound a day, 13 75 pounds of fat in 8 weeks
    - 1,100 calories Lose 1/3 pound a day, 18.75 pounds of fat in 8 weeks
    - 1,ó00 calories Lose 1 l2 pound a day, 28 pounds of fat in 8 weeks

    Hope this helps. If you have any additional questions just right to me


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