Body Revolution Week 4

This should have marked the end of BR  Week 4 and Phase 1 but it was a complete mess up. So I plan to extend week 4 to next week and complete Phase 1 properly. Though I have to admit that it started well with me completing  Workout 3 and Workout 4 with the added Brazil Butt lift workouts Bum Bum, High and tight and Cardio Axe as the Pm wortkout. Howeevr somewhere along the week it all fell apart.
This included the food. First it was the biryani and then it was all the sweets. I f I keep at it I am gonna eat my way through all the hardwork that I put in the workouts. There needs to be a little more discipline. This week is also gonna be difficult on the diet with huby dearest B'day and so the entire weekend of partying and eating out.
I will still try to keep control. Also what I need to do is be more regular with my food diary on myfitnesspal
The end goal is way bigger then all these small comfort food pleasures. THere was a reassurance on that when I went out shopping for my husband and saw all these lovely clothes that I wanted to wear.
The lovely clothes and shoes had me drooling and for that I can give up all the chocolate cakes and biryanis in the world. I have heard that Bibasha Basu ( bollywood actress ) has given up eating white rice ( which apprantely her favourite food ) completely except  for her birthday. Wow that kind of dedication is what I need and surely I can get a hot body like hers.


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