Body revolution week 5 Day 30

I wasn't supposed to post until the end of this week,but what the hell I will try to do daily updates when ever I can
So today is one of those days. I had my first go at workout 6 today and unlike 5 I managed to complete it with just one cheat. Well you would think that it was easier than yesterday, but no, Jillian managed to kick my butt again. I don't want to give up so ploughed through it although I felt like I was dying. To make matters worse, I have a full blown cold or flu as you call it. In the end it all felt good to have completed it.
It's  true that you don't know that you had it in the whole time  till you have pushed your limits. I did that today and it felt great.
On the eating front I try  sticking to the calorie limit,but not entirely clean. Clean eating is a work in progress.
Ok that's it for now, more to come next time


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