Body Revolution Week 5 Day 31

Wednesday was supposed to be Day 31 , the cold got worse and so I skipped the workout totally and got some needed rest. So Cardio 2 happened on Thursday. Wow this workout will have you huffing and puffing right from the word go.

It has 3 circuits with each one consists of jump ropes, butt kicks, high knees, alternating knee thrusts, jumping jacks, fast feet, skaters, skiers, cleahops, cross jacks, upper cuts, towel runs, hooks and burpees . All the moves are done in the previous phase but not to together though, which makes it tough or should I say makes you feel like you want to die.

 I realised that Phase 2 is way tougher than Phase 1 , lets see if I have the same opinion next week when it which will be my second go at Workout 5 and 6 and Cardio 2.  Another thing that I am worried about is not feeling sore after the workouts. And this is probably due to the weights that I use, so I have gone ahead and ordered some new heavier ones. I hope they arrive by the beginning of next week so I can use them for my workouts second time around.
I havent done brazill butt lift this week because of the flu , that will be back next week. So more to come on PM workouts.
What I also need to do is sleep on time so that I can be up early . I spend a lot of time  watching , Indian soaps and that ceratinly has to stop or else this wont work. What I also wanted to do was get a hang at planning my meals well without having to eat out during lunch. Now that the workouts are happening without breaks the focus is gonna be food and nutrition.
The solution to both these issues is waking up on time, which has to happen wheather I want to sleep in or not.  To keep me on track I will blog my journey about waking up on time, planning and cooking meals and getting organised. I have spent far to much time being lazy and disorganised.
Todays post has got way too long so see you guys and enjoy your day


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