Body Revolution Week 5 Day 32, 33, 34

Week 5 was a little Blah because of the low weight dumbbells. But Week 6 onwards is going to be awsome as I have ordered new weights from ebay, cant weight for them for them to arrive.
The second go around at workout 5 and 6 and Cardio 2 was so much better than the first time. I completed the reps, cheated a little ...maybe 3 second breaks between some of the sets. Overall they werent that bad , only if I had heavier weights it would have been just perfect.
Food wise I did make mistakes and that made the week worse but I am back on track. Tommorow is Thoughtful Tuesday so there are gonna be some thoughtfull choices in food .


  1. Hey yummy Mummy! Thank -you so much for stopping by at my blog and leaving such a sweet comment!
    Your blog is great and its so good that you are a naturally fit mom ....
    Its great that you are a Pune girl! I hope you will visit my blog more often....I have just updated it with a whole lot of eating places in Pune

  2. Thanks Aditi. I am following your blog so waiting to hear about pune and easy cooking recipes. I tried your chocolate fudge recipe and everone at home loved it.


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