Body Revolution Week 6 Day 36,37,38,39, 40,41,42

Week 6 was my second go around at the workout 5 and 6 and cardio 2. Workout 5 is tough , especially with pushups and side planks. I think I need to do some extra pushups everyday to get it right because the next weeks will be tough with some weird pushups in workout 7 and 8.
The week  statrted on Tuesday rather than a Monday so there wont be a rest day on sunday
I don't want to to do modified ones, so I need to get extra pushups, planks and side planks to my workout everyday
I am still waiting for the dumbbells that I ordered so guess I only get to add them from Week 7.
Something that I still haven't got a hang of is the meal planning and water intake. Its funny that I was able to have control when I worked out before my pregnancy so much that I reached my desired weight within 3 months. Most of this I account to laziness because taking care of the baby hasn't taken a toll on me. My mom is staying with us till princess turns one and she takes care of her all the time, so I cant blame the little one for my procrastination and indiscplined life style.
There are so many things that I need to fix in my lifestyle, and I am not trying hard and that explains the all the results. A lot of times I feel like a huge couch potato becuase I am glued to the telly as soon as I am back from work.
The two big words staring at me are ORGANIZE and SELF DISCIPLINE.  The only thing that looks in place is Exercise.
So this weekend I plan to work on a collage for my Personal Mission statement and goal setting. Hopefully it brings the change that I plan.
Also what you will see are some posts on my lifestyle change other than the daily food and workout updates.


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