Body Revolution Week 7 Day 43 & 44

This week is great and there are lots of things to celebrate but first let me get to the workouts and then celebration.
Week 7 has Workout 7 and Workout 8, Jillian says that these workouts get tougher progressively and boy are they tough. Workout 7 will grind you to paste and then do it again. It has some really tough moves and after a long time I felt sore the next day. It has all kind of push-ups  and planks that work those shoulders and triceps. To top it are the super sets and crazy cardio intervals. Workout 8 is a little easier compared to 7 but  it  will still make you want divine intervention
So like I mentioned earlier this week has started of well  one reson is that I could fit into one of my pre pregnancy pants which I couldnt get past my thighs sometime in July. Another is I could fit into my favourite capris also pre pregnancy and wore it to go out with hubby dearest. I did my happy dance and was jumping all around the place .  But the best was hubby dearest showering with compliments of how far I have come on my weight loss journey . He was so pepped up that he was motivating me on Monday when I was hulfing and puffing during the workout. I love him....he so wants me to achieve my goal
  I have crossed the mid way point in Body Revolution and though there is still a long way to go a lot of things have improved, be it my balance or stamina. The small wins are being able to wear stuff that I never thought I could fit into. I know this will be better if I dont deviate from my diet and drink water. But I am getting there, it is one habit at a time.
Oh and my new weights arrived so I have gone heavier on most moves, and they make a huge difference.
Over the course of time I have realized that I am not bothered if the scale doesnt move as long as I look better read 6 pack abs and can fit into my pre pregnancy clothes.


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