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Quitting Body Revolution

For all those who have read my blog are aware of my journey to fitness and body revolution. There are 2 main reasons that I want to quit
In all honesty I haven't given it my 100% with loads of cheats in following the routine. I did mention in the previous blogs that this will be my first go around at it and I plan to have a second round of body revolution . However it still is a shoddy jobI have a vacation planned and wouldn't be able to do this because I wont have the equipments. And with so many breaks in the schedule it just doesnt feel right.
I know I should complete it since I have completed two Phases and this was the last leg of the race, but its about doing it in 90 days and not at your own pace. I will be at it once the vacation is over and I have my routine set again.

Does this mean no workouts...... obviously no..... I plan to add workouts from P90X , Body revolution, Brazil Butt Lift and Hip Hop Abs all during this time and also during my vacation.
You will see a l…

Body Revolution Week 9 and Kerala

I set the alarm at 6:00am but turned it off and slept because I thought I should rest when I have the time in hand. I head back home tomorrow so this will end my time away from all home responsibilities. That does not mean I skipped my workouts, come evening and I attacked it with venegance. Today was Cardio3 from BR and Yoga X from P90X.
Cardio 3 is viscious with so many diffrent moves all 20 seconds long but you go through them 3 times. So here's a low down on all the moves
WindmillsJumping front kicksfast feetKnee ThrustsDouble under RopesHigh KicksPlank MogosRockstar JumpsSquat JumpsJumping LungesSquat JacksHigh Knees drop downsLong Jumb 2 backStanding Mountain ClimbersHigh Knees with rotationcannonball jumpsRunning pose one leg thrustsCrab KicksZig Zag JumpsJumping Planksdown dog thrustersSingle leg Cross HopsSide Plank BurpeesPlank punches WOW... Thats a mouthfull ...... and kicks you butt in 30 minutes.  But if you though that was tough you should certainly try Yoga X. I…

Body Revolution Week 9 and Kerala

the second day in kerala was beautiful, Iwas rested because I slept with no waking up in the middle of night to feed the baby. However I still miss my princess like crazy so I dont care if I wake up a hundred times as long as I can wake up to see her beutiful face.
Back to the workouts, I did some cardio in the morning in the Hotels gym, Treadmill mostly at Speed Intervals and evening was Workout10 and Ab ripper X. Body revolution is challenging , cause just when you think you mastered the move you move onto something tougher. Its keeps you working every single week...Jillian I love you for being a tough task master. Now about AB RIPPERX, it surely needs the all caps...339 insane total reps  with 11 moves. Its crazy but I love it, it works the core and its all on the floor. And I am sore after it cause I did it yesterday. I know I shouldnt be doing this everyday but I want the ripped core so I will follow it atleast 3 times a week.

The diet is controlled,
Breakfast: Oats ,  Small g…

Body Revolution and Gods Own Country----Kerala

I know I have been AOL for some time, well I am not going to get to the different excuses. Moral of the story I have been away from workouts and eating stuff I should clearly stay away from, but today I ended it.

That out of the way, lets talk about Kerala, today I landed in Kochi the coastal city to a pleasantly nice weather .This is a work related trip and my first time away from princess for full four days. I miss her like crazy, it was like my  someone squeezed my heart when I kissed her and said bye today morning.
Now I know why mom gets all teary eyed every time I leave home.
I want vent all those emotions in my workout so I completed Workout 9 from BR and AB RipperX from P90X today.I will give a low down on  Workout 9 ,10 and cardio 3 on Friday.
 These four days I want to eat clean and workout like crazy. The only hitch is the hotel room has a very tiny space, but it also has a gym so I will add in some cardio every morning other than the workouts. I also want to do a detox d…

Body Revolution Week 8

Finally Phase 2 is done, this week. It was a tough phase with some equally tough moves in workout 7 and 8.
But it gave me strenght to do stuff that I thought I would never be able to do. That includes planks and pushups. I also increased my weights during this phase.
Week 8 is special becuase I followed the schedule to the T by working out Mon-sat and also adding one extra workout every single day  from the Brazil Butt lift series.
This post is gonna be short because I have unwell baby to take care off, princess is down with fever . It is heart wrenching to see her suffer.