Body Revolution and Gods Own Country----Kerala

I know I have been AOL for some time, well I am not going to get to the different excuses. Moral of the story I have been away from workouts and eating stuff I should clearly stay away from, but today I ended it.

That out of the way, lets talk about Kerala, today I landed in Kochi the coastal city to a pleasantly nice weather .This is a work related trip and my first time away from princess for full four days. I miss her like crazy, it was like my  someone squeezed my heart when I kissed her and said bye today morning.
Now I know why mom gets all teary eyed every time I leave home.
I want vent all those emotions in my workout so I completed Workout 9 from BR and AB RipperX from P90X today.I will give a low down on  Workout 9 ,10 and cardio 3 on Friday.
 These four days I want to eat clean and workout like crazy. The only hitch is the hotel room has a very tiny space, but it also has a gym so I will add in some cardio every morning other than the workouts. I also want to do a detox diet this week , how much of that is possible is still a question with the hotel food.

This round of Body revolution hasn't been great and its going to get worse next month because I will be on vacation for 19 days . We are travelling to meet my hubby's parents, so limited workouts and eating will certainly be out of whack. At the pace that I am going I don't think I will be able to wear my dream dress on the 22nd of Dec (princess's b'day).  Lets hope this time away from home I can loose some of those inches.

When I am back from the vacation that is the 19th of November, I will start Brazil Butt lift for 35 days because that's all the time I have till Dec 22. And beginning of next year will BR Round 2 and Ripped in 30 combo. That should help me do away with the those stubborn Muffin tops.

This time away is also my time to do some soul searching and getting centred on my goals for life.Lets hope all of this happens this week. This certainly is a longisg post but you will see some long posts in the next few days .


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