Body Revolution Week 9 and Kerala

the second day in kerala was beautiful, Iwas rested because I slept with no waking up in the middle of night to feed the baby. However I still miss my princess like crazy so I dont care if I wake up a hundred times as long as I can wake up to see her beutiful face.
Back to the workouts, I did some cardio in the morning in the Hotels gym, Treadmill mostly at Speed Intervals and evening was Workout10 and Ab ripper X. Body revolution is challenging , cause just when you think you mastered the move you move onto something tougher. Its keeps you working every single week...Jillian I love you for being a tough task master. Now about AB RIPPERX, it surely needs the all caps...339 insane total reps  with 11 moves. Its crazy but I love it, it works the core and its all on the floor. And I am sore after it cause I did it yesterday. I know I shouldnt be doing this everyday but I want the ripped core so I will follow it atleast 3 times a week.

The diet is controlled,
Breakfast: Oats ,  Small glass of Pineapple juice and plain omlette with a cup of coffee
Lunch : 2 chapatis with Vegetable curry
Snack: Veg Sandwich
Dinner: Garden Fresh Green Salad  and Vegetables noodle soup

It was a good day, cause I was teaching the 7 Habits of highly effective class. I love teaching and it works my legs cause I am on my feet the whole time. But being the manager gives me little opportunities to teach, most of the strategizing and planning is done at the desk or in conference rooms.
I ceratinly need to schedule more classroom time in the month. Lets hope its possible.


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