Body Revolution Week 9 and Kerala

 I set the alarm at 6:00am but turned it off and slept because I thought I should rest when I have the time in hand. I head back home tomorrow so this will end my time away from all home responsibilities. That does not mean I skipped my workouts, come evening and I attacked it with venegance. Today was Cardio3 from BR and Yoga X from P90X.
Cardio 3 is viscious with so many diffrent moves all 20 seconds long but you go through them 3 times. So here's a low down on all the moves
  1. Windmills
  2. Jumping front kicks
  3. fast feet
  4. Knee Thrusts
  5. Double under Ropes
  6. High Kicks
  7. Plank Mogos
  8. Rockstar Jumps
  9. Squat Jumps
  10. Jumping Lunges
  11. Squat Jacks
  12. High Knees drop downs
  13. Long Jumb 2 back
  14. Standing Mountain Climbers
  15. High Knees with rotation
  16. cannonball jumps
  17. Running pose one leg thrusts
  18. Crab Kicks
  19. Zig Zag Jumps
  20. Jumping Planks
  21. down dog thrusters
  22. Single leg Cross Hops
  23. Side Plank Burpees
  24. Plank punches
WOW... Thats a mouthfull ...... and kicks you butt in 30 minutes.  But if you though that was tough you should certainly try Yoga X. Its 90 minutes of yoga moves that make you sweat like crazy even with the slow pace. I wish I had a HRM to track how many calories I burnt doing all the diffrent moves.
 If you have an aversion to yoga because you think it doesnt challenge you, please try YogaX. It will shift you paradigm.

So thats about it I need to get to bed cause tomorrow is early morning to complete two workouts cause I will be at the airport in the evening.


  1. WOW what a workout! I know I have done Yoga X a million challenging and such a calorie burner! WAY TO GO!


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