Quitting Body Revolution

For all those who have read my blog are aware of my journey to fitness and body revolution. There are 2 main reasons that I want to quit
  1. In all honesty I haven't given it my 100% with loads of cheats in following the routine. I did mention in the previous blogs that this will be my first go around at it and I plan to have a second round of body revolution . However it still is a shoddy job
  2. I have a vacation planned and wouldn't be able to do this because I wont have the equipments. And with so many breaks in the schedule it just doesnt feel right.

I know I should complete it since I have completed two Phases and this was the last leg of the race, but its about doing it in 90 days and not at your own pace. I will be at it once the vacation is over and I have my routine set again.

Does this mean no workouts...... obviously no..... I plan to add workouts from P90X , Body revolution, Brazil Butt Lift and Hip Hop Abs all during this time and also during my vacation.
You will see a lot more of me when I am on my vacation because of the time in hand and no work.
Does any one have any ideas on some workouts that require  no equipments to do during my vacation???????
Oh I haven't received a single comment on my blog so anyone out there reading this please leave one just for motivation sake


  1. Dont quit!!! it is ok if you dont give 100 % what counts is you keep with the program, its ok to have those breaks in there , life does get in the way , but keep at it things can only get better.

  2. Thanks VD. Thats exactly what I was thinking when doing Workout 12 from BR yesterday.Thanks you so much for leaving a comment...it is the push I needed to keep at it

  3. Don't quit! I did weeks 1 and 2 for 4 weeks before I got them right! Even if you do quit..I like the idea of what you will do in the mean time! Never give up, this is for you and to be the healthiest you you can be!!

  4. Thanks Amilynn342 for those inspiring words. I will keep at it

  5. Hi!

    I'm sorry my reply isn't on time - you might have spent n number of vacation by this time.

    I just thought you could try JM's Yoga Meltdown when you are out and have no equipments. Since it's by JM, it will give you way more than a regular yoga workout.

    Here's one shoddy review on the same :P : http://thepcosway.blogspot.com/2013/04/yoga-meltdown-review.html


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