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It’s been a while since I blogged  so this post is a recap of all the happenings  from the last time I blogged about quitting Body Revolution. First was the vacation, we were spending the time at my hubby dearest’s parents’ home. It’s this quaint town up north of the country, the beautiful valley, Dehradun. The vacation itself was good with some amazing sightseeing.
 Now about the fitness regime, I had planned to add an assortment of exercises, but none of that happened.  The good part was that I ate well, had a lot of exercise doing house chores which included climbing stairs innumerable times with princess in tow. The results of that was an amazing loss of 10lbs and reaching my halfway mark of weight loss journey. Also lots of inch loss which meant fitting it quite a bit of my pre-pregnancy clothes. There were trousers that I couldn’t get past my thigh, which I slid into easily and buttoned up with no bulges.
After the vacation I wanted to get back to my workouts, but life and laziness got in-between. Eventually I was back on track, which included running and starting my second round of Body Revolution.  I have developed a love for running which I am surprised about, it is refreshing to run in the park. I am using the Endomondo app to track my running. This is also my way to prepare for the half marathon in March. This week is the first week of Body revolution Round 2. I have upped my weights this time and each workout kicks ass and leaves sore muscles. I have also added some extra Abs workout ( Ab ripper X) on every alternate day because that’s the area that needs most working out on.
That’s about the workouts, apart from that career wise I have plan to be a cost accountant so have enrolled for ICWA . It involves delving into a subject I am completely clueless about, Accounts, but what’s life without challenges. Also I have a little proving to do to myself  and hubby dearest that I still have it in me to score well in any game be it life or studies.
On a different note we celebrated Princess’s first birthday on the 22nd of this month. We dint want to have a huge party because, one kids are cranky in a crowd and second I wanted princess to be happy on her first birthday. So it was just hubby, my parents, our close friends and me for a small Pooja at home.  It was nice and princess was super happy messing around with the cake. Time flies and every time I look at my daughter I wonder she is already one, the next I know we will be shopping around for prom dresses. They grow so fast, especially daughters, it’s a little scary at times. A year of being a mom has been wonderful and princess you make my world complete.
This blog has been a little longish but I just wanted to bring you all up to speed . You will so more of me in the coming days


  1. Hey Nice to read your post.. Me too a mother of 2.5 yr old kiddo(Also happen to be a Diet consultant) n me too keep finding ways n means to get fit in whatever time I get..:) Good Luck to you
    Oh BTW I run a blog on nutrition:

    1. Thanks Nidhi. As new moms we certanly have to be innovative


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