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Bipasha Basu’s Breakfree - Review

I am huge fan ofBipasha Basu, for those who don’t know her she is a Indian Movie Star.Her being a star is not the reason I like her, it because of her killer body . She I am sure has worked her ass to achieve it because when she joined the film Industry she wasn’t that fit, proff right here

When she got into the whole fitness DVD thing I was among the first to buy her DVD. It was an amazing workout video on the same lines of Jillian Michaels. So when she planned the release of her second DVD Breakfree, I went and pre ordered it through Flipkart. It was my New Year gift and it arrived on the first so thankyou flipkart.
Now about Breakfree, so as I mentioned this is the second installment of the Love yourself series. The preodered DVD comes with Bipasha’s autograph on it. It is a dance workout unlike her earlier dvd . The audience she wants to target is anyone who finds gym workout. The DVD contains ·An introduction to love yourself philosophy ·An introduction to Breakfree: Basically Bipa…

Viral Fever and the Zero Exercise Week

The entire of last week was dedicated to the sordid Viral Fever. Body pain , running temperature and blocked nose kind of dominated it way.  I felt weak and completely hopeless, so the week was zero exercise week. My body needed rest and thats exactly what I gave it.
Food wise I dint  eat much cause of the lack of apetite and that horrible bitter taste that anitbiotics leave you with.
Mom stayed with the princess all the time so I could get some rest in the night but sleep alluded me . I still have  the horrible cough though the fever has gone. I plan to start my workouts from tomorrow from where I left it. Last week I was thinking of adding my runs to the workout but with all the sickness that will have to  wait. The next post will be review of Bipasha Basu's Breakfree workout that I had preordered for the new year.

Round 2 Body Revolution Week 1, and 2

This week was a organizing week as I got to organizing my 2013. It involved getting chore lists done, planning work stuff, a study timetable and also some uncluttering work. I feel a little more in control of my work and home and life in general. So the lack of post for the two weeks. This post is about how Round 2 of Body Revolution has been. I love this workout because even though it’s my second go at it, it still leaves me breathless .To recap, week 1 and 2 was Workout 1 ,Workout 2 andCardio 1 one day each and then you repeat the same schedule for next 3 days. Week 2 follows the same routine as Week 1. These workouts left me sore because from the last time I did it, I have upped my weights.Workout 1 is a lot more difficult than Workout2 and Cardio 1 still kicked my ass. For an advanced fitness level I would recommend that they either skip week 1 and 2 or add other workouts with it because it is targeted for the more unfit lot like me. Jillian does show how to make the moves difficul…

New Year Resolution and Blog Changes

2013 is here, wishing everyone out there a Happy and prosperous New Year. And come the 1st of Jan most people spend time making Resolutions health and fitness being a big part of it. But come the 10th of the month and most of those resolutions have either been forgotten or excuses are piled over it. I am no exception in making resolutions and most cases I don’t stick by them due to sheer laziness. Why is it so difficult to stick by New Year resolutions? Something that I have realized over time is we don’t make changes till it’s detrimental to our living. For example when we are about to lose are job we look at learning a new skill. There has to be a burning desire or need for change to happen. Most resolutions aren’t backed with that kind of passion. I am no exception in this rule. This year’s decision is more of a goal rather than a resolution that will end with 2013 This year I decided that I will not wait for a first of Jan or the beginning of the month or beginning of a week to mak…