Bipasha Basu’s Breakfree - Review

I am huge fan of  Bipasha Basu, for those who don’t know her she is a Indian Movie Star.  Her being a star is not the reason I like her, it because of her killer body .  She I am sure has worked her ass to achieve it because when she joined the film Industry she wasn’t that fit, proff right here

When she got into the whole fitness DVD thing I was among the first to buy her DVD. It was an amazing workout video on the same lines of Jillian Michaels.  So when she planned the release of her second DVD Breakfree, I went and pre ordered it through Flipkart. It was my New Year gift and it arrived on the first so thankyou flipkart.

 Now about Breakfree, so as I mentioned this is the second installment of the Love yourself series. The preodered DVD comes with Bipasha’s autograph on it. It is a dance workout unlike her earlier dvd . The audience she wants to target is anyone who finds gym workout. The DVD contains
·         An introduction to love yourself philosophy
·         An introduction to Breakfree: Basically Bipasha’s talk about her idea behind bringing the fitness DVD
·         The Workout
·         And celebrity endorsements and behind the scenes.
The workout is 30 minutes long divided into
·         2 minute warm-up
·         25 minutes of dance , with a 5 minute fast dance routine without instructions
·         2 minute cool-down 
·         Has a proper warm-up and cool-down .
·         Have some Bollywood moves.
·         Instructions throughout the moves
·         A short 30 minute workout
·         A one minute water break
·         The instructions are not broken down appropriately for each move.
·         The last dance routine section has no instructions.
·         Doesn’t work out body parts  except for a cardio ( and that too is hardly anything)
·         No attention to form
·         A soon as your body moves to a little faster pace they start relaxing.
·         It is slow paced and boring

I did this workout right after my usual Jillian Michael Body revolution.  So I was already pretty tired .But to be honest I hardly broke a sweat. It was disappointing, I am not that fit and I hardly missed a heartbeat, forget being tired or worked-out. This workout is for someone who is completely out of shape or hasn’t worked ever. Even then the dance moves hardly makes you sweat. The instructions are annoying, not helpful. Most dance workouts that I have seen, teach you the legs, and then add arms. Bipasha expects you to learn all of it together, except for some of the moves where she breaks the moves down. This doesn’t seem like a well thought out video. The dance routine that she does in the end has all new moves and none that were taught during the instruction. So if you are a non-dancer or have got two left feet, learning the moves will not be easy.

Overall there are better dance workouts, like the Cardio Axe from Brazil Butt lift workout.  I don’t recommend this, instead pick her earlier DVD though not a dance workout it is still a good one(Fit and Faboulous).
Of course this is purely a personal opinion, please leave a comment about what you think.


  1. oh what a shame...the one bollywood celeb who I thought wud do a hard core super workout dvd...

    see the new post :) special

  3. Bipashas first fitness Dvd was actually Bollywood workout / once a week workout by fitness trainer Mark Anthony.

  4. I don't completely agree with the contents of the article. At least those who are not in a habit of doing any kind of workout do sweat during her breakfree bollywood dance routine. And my dear most of the people, like me and my friends don't workout regularly, so, we have found it helpful as we have lost a few inches after we started dancing with bips in the last few weeks. Moreover, I have found it is as an economical and an interesting way of losing weight...and yes, it is not boring...

  5. This dance workout is helping me loose inches and other people are starting to notice - I do sweat during the workout.

  6. This dance workout is helping me loose inches and other people are starting to notice - I do sweat during the workout.

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  10. Sound review but I'm sorry I agree with not breaking a sweat in her workouts. The point of her workouts is to do steps "properly". I for one wasn't doing them "properly" so I thought they were easy but if you look at the way she does her steps, they have a lot of energy and she completes the entire step and is constantly bobbing to the fast paced music so when I tried that out once I had nailed the steps (which I completely agree, she doesn't explain particularly well or give you time to nail the steps properly) I did break a sweat.

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