Round 2 Body Revolution Week 1, and 2

 This week was a organizing week as I got to organizing my 2013. It involved getting chore lists done, planning work stuff, a study timetable and also some uncluttering work. I feel a little more in control of my work and home and life in general.
 So the lack of post for the two weeks. This post is about how Round 2 of Body Revolution has been. I love this workout because even though it’s my second go at it, it still leaves me breathless .To recap, week 1 and 2 was Workout 1 ,Workout 2 and  Cardio 1   one day each and then you repeat the same schedule for next 3 days. Week 2 follows the same routine as Week 1. These workouts left me sore because from the last time I did it, I have upped my weights.  Workout 1 is a lot more difficult than Workout2 and Cardio 1 still kicked my ass. For an advanced fitness level I would recommend that they either skip week 1 and 2 or add other workouts with it because it is targeted for the more unfit lot like me. Jillian does show how to make the moves difficult but I still feel it doesn’t burn enough calories.
 I did add a couple of other DVDs along with body revolution mainly Abripper X and Brazil Butt Lift Cardio Axe. 
I have named 2013 my thirsty year for two main reasons ,one being I want to improve my water drinking habit and two I want this to be a year where I am working my  ass of to achieve my career goals , so thirsty in both aspects. Last year I was too much of a comfort zone person and like Jillian Michael says, Comfort is for sissys , we are here to get uncomfortable. There are lots of changes that I have planned.
 One major change is that I am sending princess over to my parents place till June so I can focus on my career and studies (Cost Accountancy). I know it’s not fair but my parents volunteered do it because they want to spend more time with their granddaughter. I am very lucky to have such wonderful parents. “Love you tons ma and pa.
 So more to come on how I survive the time with princess not being around and also other life changing plans.


  1. Wow lots of change going on there. Good luck with it all x


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