Viral Fever and the Zero Exercise Week

The entire of last week was dedicated to the sordid Viral Fever. Body pain , running temperature and blocked nose kind of dominated it way.  I felt weak and completely hopeless, so the week was zero exercise week. My body needed rest and thats exactly what I gave it.
Food wise I dint  eat much cause of the lack of apetite and that horrible bitter taste that anitbiotics leave you with.
Mom stayed with the princess all the time so I could get some rest in the night but sleep alluded me . I still have  the horrible cough though the fever has gone. I plan to start my workouts from tomorrow from where I left it. Last week I was thinking of adding my runs to the workout but with all the sickness that will have to  wait. The next post will be review of Bipasha Basu's Breakfree workout that I had preordered for the new year.


  1. Hey there...hope ur feeling better now..well v hav 2thinhs in common...Pune n a love for fitness n how she keeps me sweating n feeling fit...I'm following u..waiting for the do drop by n follow along if u like it..

  2. Oops how do I follow?? Don't c the gfc add so I can follow

  3. Thanks Abi . We certainly have a lot in common . Oh and the GFC Widget is right below the weight loss ticker.
    I like your blog and its on my reading list.


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