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The size zero, the Indian voluptuous figure or fit body

I was reading an recent article in a Vidya Balan ( Indian actress) suffering from Hypothyroid. This got me thinking about fitness and our role model. All this while after her movie ‘the dirty picture’ Vidya has been sporting the voluptuous look draped in a sari. Most tabloids and fashion magazine hailed her as the gutsy lady who looked sexy and brought back the voluptuous figure back. All I could see was a fat woman A few years back the very same tabloids hailed another Indian actress Kareena Kapoor( now Khan) for being the fittest with her size zero look. There were talks about her wonderful diet plan and 100 suryanamaskar routines. But are these actresses really fit. Take a look for yourself  
  When I look at Vidya , all that hoopla about being the real woman seems just seems another excuse for being fat. She wasn’t voluptuous because that just meant she had a huge bone structure. She has fat all around her. Kareena Kapoor on the other hand looked like one of the anorexi…