The size zero, the Indian voluptuous figure or fit body

I was reading an recent article in a Vidya Balan ( Indian actress) suffering from Hypothyroid. This got me thinking about fitness and our role model. All this while after her movie ‘the dirty picture’ Vidya has been sporting the voluptuous look draped in a sari. Most tabloids and fashion magazine hailed her as the gutsy lady who looked sexy and brought back the voluptuous figure back. All I could see was a fat woman   A few years back the very same tabloids hailed another Indian actress Kareena Kapoor  ( now Khan) for being the fittest with her size zero look. There were talks about her wonderful diet plan and 100 suryanamaskar routines.  But are these actresses really fit. Take a look for yourself

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Vidya Balan

When I look at Vidya  , all that hoopla about being the real woman seems just seems another excuse  for being fat. She wasn’t voluptuous because that just meant she had a huge bone structure. She has fat all around her. Kareena Kapoor on the other hand looked like one of the anorexic models who survived on an orange juice (apparently she was on the orange juice diet for her movie ‘Tashan’).  She sported huge thighs but no muffin top.
 While you read this, one might wonder if I have something against these women or am I just jealous. Not really, I like them for their work and I think Kareena has an amazing style sense while Vidya is an amazing actress. What I don’t understand is how fashion magazines and tabloids can put them on the pedestal of fitness role models. And it’s not just them, a whole lot of actor and role models proclaimed as fit are really not. They follow unhealthy lifestyles and crazy detox diets or go under the knife to have the perfectly sculpted body.
I have had my share of following crazy diets and following trends without stopping for a moment to think. But ever since I was detected with a bulging disc (now fully healed) and hypothyroid I have realized that the only way to attain a perfect body is hard work.
I don’t want to be a size zero, nor do I want to be the voluptuous, I want to be fit. Fit for me means that I am healthy and am at less risk for any of the dreaded disease like Type II Diabetes or Hypertension etc.  
So what are your thoughts, do you think that Voluptuous is the new trend


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  2. I'm kinda biased in a certain way that I tend to find muscle definition in a female physique before judging them as fit. But I must state that I have seen many huge sportsperson having not much ripped body - that doesn't mean they aren't strong - diet, genetics, medical conditions have a huge role to play in adding muscle mass and fat loss. Having a specific amount of flesh over the bones doesn't guarantee us into the fit category.

    like I'm pretty skinny. A decade back I used to workout obsessively (not in a bad way though) and I was very strong, had loads of stamina and was still skinny - I had a very good strength to muscle size ratio, I still do but not as much as back then and my body composition has definitely changed.

    Assuming a thin person as fit is bad as taking voluptuous women (too much fat in body composition)as 'well-fed'. In my opinion, neither sickly thin nor a chubby body is that beautiful. It's the mental and physical strength that makes you sexy.... :)

    1. Thank you Voyager. I agree that mental and physical strenght makes you Sexy.Also that body alone doesnt talk about health Bu I also think its easy to see and identify anorexic and fat from an athelete.


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