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Body Weight Training and Schedule

I work out at home mostly because I hate Bangalore traffic and don’t want to spend hours stuck in traffic jams to run on a treadmill in a gym. Home workouts give me the flexibility to workout whenever I have the time and for whatever time that I can spare. And this is the case with most working moms; you need to pack so much in so little a time. Coming back to workouts, so when you work out at home you don’t have the advantage of using all those fancy machines (unless you are super rich to have home gyms). So you are left with few hand weights and yourself. That’s when body weight training is your savior. This post is about the body weight exercises that you can do at home and also a training schedule that you can follow (Tried this last month during my break between Body Revolution and RushFit which I am following now). Bodyweight training is exercising using your own body weight to add resistance to the moves. It does not involve using any equipment’s or free weights so can be done a…

Busy Busy.......and No blogs

I am still around and kicking. These past few days have been crazy...... From a No maid escapade to  a car crash ... a house hunt..... and lots of other stuff. Its been stressfull and will be atleast till the mid of April. I have some half written posts and articles for Miss Fit that I only see will be done by April.
So I am sorry my readers for not having been there. But soon to come is an amzaing post on Running and also some personal stuff. So dont forget to stop by

Fitness Trends at Miss Fit

I wrote this post for Miss Fit. Go check it out and dont forget to comment

The Non Healthy stuff that is Healthy

My weight loss journey, be it before my pregnancy and, now the post-partum weight loss have both been pretty long. And all this while, I have tried to research on everything that will make one fit evenly remotely. On this journey, I have realized that I love working out at home, body weight can surely kick ass and that there is a lot of health foods that are not healthy. Something that also hit be right between the eyes was, that there were lots of things that people thought were unhealthy that is not bad. I have truly started to believe that everything in moderation works best.So I decide that needed to list down 5 top blacklisted are not that bad after all No 1 Rice: Now this grain has been belittled, exception being Brown Rice, in all health books, fitness talk shows dieticians. I am a south Indian by birth though (half northy by marriage) and I love my rice and Sāmbhar. So when everyone recommended that I give up rice to lose weight, I couldn’t handle it. I was like why should I; I …