Momma Advice to fitness and health

In all the growing up years I’ve heard  mom advice about beauty and health. Sound advice that I usually tend to ignore, because either I am too busy to follow them or plain lazy. Pearls of wisdom that I remember whenever I hear them being repeated by experts like dieticians, a fitness coach, hairstylist or maybe even bloggers.  Mom was neither of these but her health and beauty tips always came handy. So this post is about all those lovely useful tips.

Tip No. 1: Don’t leave the house on an empty stomach: Getting everyone at home to have a breakfast was very important to mom.  Till I was home breakfast always was a big affair, and mom would roll out chapattis with sabzi fills as go to breakfast if we were running late.

Tip No 2: Don’t gulp your food, please chew.  This advice has some serious scientific backing (which mom didn’t realize). Chewing the food aids in the proper transport of nutrients in your body. Helps start the important digestive process which is important to being healthy. You are more than likely to not eat as much by eating thoroughly. When you are eating slower, your brain can tell you that you are full, causing you to eat less. Helps to prevent the heavy feeling that sometimes follows a meal and it also will help you lose body fat since you are not eating as much

Tip No 3: Do the Household chores like washing and mopping yourself. Mom would never rely on any maid servant. She would do all the washing and cleaning till date. She said that mopping the floor (the Indian cloth mop) was the best way to make sure one didn’t have a tummy. And sure enough doing household chores are good way to burn calories. My vacation was an example, I lost 10pounds. The plus point is you save money and all the stress with dealing with bad maid attitude. I know most will complain of busy lifestyles and it being easy for non-working women, but believe me a little bit of planning and organizing can solve that excuse.

Tip No 4: Please massage your hair with oil and leave it overnight before a shampoo. This worked for me recently, I have extremely damaged hair due to the years of chemical treatment ( coloring, straightening etc.) But when I massaged my hair with hot oil and left it overnight, the next day’s wash left my hair soft and smooth.

Tip No 5: Besan(Coarsely ground Chick pea), Haldi (Turmeric)  and Malai (Milk cream)  pack for an amazing glowing skin. This was my mother’s recipe for glowing skin. The haldi worked wonders as a natural belch and facial hair remover, Malia was the natural moisturizer and Haldi was the amazing exfoliator. Mum would make this this every weekend for us girls.

There are more, however I will leave you with the best 5 tips. What do you think?  Do you remember health tips or any other advice from your mom? Let me know, would love to follow



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