Day 1 - Georges St-Pierre 'Rushfit' Workout Program

Yesterday marked the beginning of Georges St-Pierre 'Rushfit' Workout Program. After almost zero workouts for the past 2 months, it wasn't as bad as I thought. George is a MA fighter and the workout is based on his workout for fights which is designed by his Trainer Erick Owings.
I chose to do the advanced calendar, merely because I wanted to up my game from the last time. The workout guide provides you a way to assess yourself to decide on which calendar to workout. I still wanted to do the advanced instead of the beginners or intermediate. This is tough love for myself and little bit of craziness. I have of course done all the things that the workout guide asks you to do like the pics and assessment of stats and also the assessment, will post that here soon.
 This is how the Week 1 looks like
Day 1: Strength and Endurance Workout DVD
Day 2: Cardio + Stretch and Flexibility Bonus DVD
Day 3: Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning (AM) + Balance & Agility Bonus (PM)
Day 4:  The fight conditioning workout
Day 5: Full Body and Strength conditioning + Balance & Agility Bonus (PM)
Day 6: Cardio + Stretch and Flexibility Bonus DVD
The Cardio is a of your choice so I plan to do Jillian’s Body revolution or Brazil Butt lift or maybe just run .This will totally depend on my mood.

Yesterday was Day 1 but absent minded as I am I did the Day3 workout instead of the Day 1. So for this week I am just going to interchange it. Should have checked the guide once more before I popped the DVD in but hurt ego can do this to you.

The exercises aren’t and different from P90X or some of Jillian’s DVD but the variation is amazing. Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning workout has 5 Rounds, each one made of 3 exercises each repeated twice. I loved it because my core hurts today, its that lovely soreness that you have when you have worked it out completely. The only move that I couldn’t do was the last one in Round 5 . It was crazy to move from a Navasana to Sit Thru to Hindu Pushup to Sit Thru, complex Huh? I did the variation for this move and the second time of the back bend.
My initial reaction is that it is a well thought about program with all the basic in place. I will post a detailed review of Rushfit at the end of the 60 days. But till then there will be my daily journal posts and weekly review.
 Food is still crazy with all the binging in the past months and all the junk that is lying around . I have to quit all whites(sugar, bread and rice). Will do that by next week.

Well forgot to mention that there are two very handsome men to workout with you in the room( George and Eric). If that is'nt motivation enough there is a lady who has such a beautiful body that I wanted to kill her out of jealousy.

Has anyone out there tried Rushfit


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