Day 2 RushFit – Cardio + Stretch and Flexibility

Day 2 RushFit – Cardio + Stretch and Flexibility
Today’s workout can be summed with 2 quotes “Nothing comes for free” Jillian and “muscles are like elastic if you pull at it when it’s cold it snaps” George.
It was day for cardio of my choice and I chose “Banish Fat Boost metabolism “by Jillian Michaels. Its 56 minutes long including the cool down. This workout I have done so many times especially in the 2009 when I had a huge weight loss goal. And when I started off today I thought, this aint tough I have done it a million times but boy was I wrong. Jillian Michael grinds you to paste in this cardio blast.  It reminded me how unfit I still was but in a good way and I pushed myself, got uncomfortable so I reach the end . Of course I had to modify a couple of the moves, however when I do this the second time over I will make sure I do the advance version of all the moves.  Rushfit recommends a Cardio of 30 minutes in the first 4 weeks, but the bad ass that I am I decided I could certainly do with some of Jillian’s tough loving.
This is one of Jillian’s best workouts with zero equipment’s, so please try this if you haven’t.
The Second one was Stretch and Flexibility, a bonus workout from Rushfit. It was Zen workout and relaxed my body after that heart pounding cardio. I loved it because It stretched all the muscles that I had worked out yesterday and today.  Stretching is very important because it helps you to train better, so I give in my best in such workouts. It also improves my flexibility and prevents and heals injury. This I learnt the hard way because I have 2 bulging discs, Yoga and stretching were the only way I healed it. Not to forget my childhood problem of loose knee cap.
It felt amazing after the long workout and I was relaxed so I sat down to write the post.  I leave you with one of my all-time favorite quote from Jillian
"You are capable of so much more than you can imagine” and ““A bad day for your ego is a great day for your soul.”


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