Day 3 – RushFit- Strength and Endurance Workout DVD

Like I mentioned on Day1 this dvd was supposed to be the first workout but I messed up the so the schedule so Day 3 it was. It was tough especially after the Banish Fat yesterday.  Seriously all the time during the workout I just wanted someone to give me a huge thud on head  for a couple reasons.
One I messed up with the schedule, the calendar was placed a certain way so  you can do it and work different muscle groups and not over load one.
Two I’ve been messing up diet big time, eating late breakfast, skipping lunches and hungry at all the wrong time. And that’s why when I do my workouts I feel light headed.Today before the workout I had 3 huge scoops of icecream, though it help me work better, but it just made matters worse. I wanted to throwup. God just hit me on the head and help me eat clean and right. Not to mention consuming enough water.
So to sum it up the workout was taxing but I got through it and hoping that tomorrow is going to be a better  day.
Stay focused and train fearless. 
Love YummyMummy


  1. haha I know...i feel your pain..I am on a major clean eating attempt too and all the time I find myself craving instant noodles..
    not tell me what to do with myself..ughh!!

  2. I know the cravings are horrible


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