The Long Hiatus and Back

The last time I wrote was a short post about how crazy life had gotten. And after a month long of craziness I have finally found time to write and relax (maybe a little bit). There was so much happening around me this past month, even my showers have been 5 minutes long with sweltering  Indian  summer heat . So what happened, lots, to begin with my maid walked in one day as usual more than 2 hours late. The usual morning cooking cleaning madness, I asked her about it and what does she do…… tell me that  “ why are you  making a big deal about it , I am just late today not every day”. That certainly was the last nail in the coffin and I told her not so many words to F@#! Off. Seriously, she walks in and walks out at whatever time she pleases and expects me to keep up with her incompetency and worse her terrible attitude.
All that said I was stuck with a no maid, but I said what the F@#! I will do it all myself. And guess what I survived and entire month without a maid. All the sweeping, dusting, mopping , washing clothes, cleaning utensils……..along with my daily chores of cooking , shopping and organizing was done and a lot faster than the stupid maid, not to forget my ever busy professional life.

If the no maid escapade wasn’t enough, we had to move places so there was whole bunch of packing, moving and then unpacking to be done,  organizing the new house and dealing with a whole bunch of new issues of organizing stuff( cable , gas connection, the laundry service etc).
Amongst all this chaos there were  interviews  for a new job and some trysts where hubby dearest changed to be an insensitive monster , not to mention that the car got hit ( nothing major but the repairs were enormous).  
The silver lining was that I lost 4 pounds without any exercise… oh yes I haven’t worked out for more than a month. I know 4 pounds is amazing but household chores and running up and down the stairs can give any workout a run for its money. 
Now that life has had started having some semblance to returning to normalcy, I plan to get back to my workout routine also blogging and eating right . It also helps that my new maid (yes one month of no help is crazy) turns up early morning so I wake up early and get time for myself.  That said I will start RushFit on Monday, more to come on this one when I am there and you will see some before and after pics.
Thats all I wanted to share for my long absence and I leave you with my weight loss journey pic from over the years, from the super fit 2007 to chubby 2008 to fat 2009 to fit again 2010 to  2011 obese (postpartum) and finally my 10 pound loss  in 2012. Pictures are always a better way than the scale to remind you about health.   I want to get back to super fit  and hope Rushfit helps this

What do you think? Please leave a comments or thought or just some words of wisdom.


  1. what happened betwn 2009 and 2010?
    thats a big transformation....

    1. That was kick ass year with tough workouts 2 hours a day and some strict diet regime which was 6 meals a day, zero sweets and no whites( rice, sugar , bread). It was amazing to see the fat just melt off.


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