Trial Rooms can make you thin

No this is not a name of a workout, but what I mean is an actual trial room... those tiny booths in stores with huge mirrors and space to try clothes on, yes that’s what I mean. I love shopping trying on new clothes and styles or should I say loved until because earlier I could fit into a size zero skirt and totally rock it. But now shopping is dreadful.
So hubby dearest and I were out shopping yesterday for tees and just random women clothes and there was a sale at my favorite store. In all the excitement I just went picking everything I saw and liked and walked into the trial room with a armload of clothes.  And then the horrible happened, I tried 10 different outfits and I dint fit into any of them.  And the ones that I managed to squeeze into accentuated the bulges and tires. So I send hubby on the hunt for bigger sizes, and then even bigger. By the time I had change into bigger bulkier clothes I was close to tears and hated everything I chose. I hated myself for the being this fat blob, that I never was.
 I always prided myself in fitting into the smallest of sizes but yesterday was a different story.  It’s not that I haven’t lost any of my pregnancy weight but it just wasn’t enough.

So sitting there in that small cubicle looking at this blob of an image I decided that I certainly had to up my game.  One of my favorite bloggers asked me in my last blog about how I had such a huge transformation from 2009 to 2010 and a short answer to that would be dedication and control. That’s what has been missing all these days so now when I workout I will make sure that the fat melts off and there is no turning back. And I certainly need to journalize this so I will do that here.
 What do you think about trial rooms?


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