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When  I picked this month’s prevention magazine at the stand I was shocked to see Shilpa Shetty on the cover not so much on seeing her but more on how super-hot she looked. And I was like what the hell, wasn't it a few months back that she looked plum and cute with all the baby fat. Where did all that go, and convinced myself that it was certainly Photoshoped. But then I saw one of the grainy pics (the one you take on a cell phone) of hers on twitter and some advert of a reality TV show she is on and boy was I surprised to look at her svelte figure.
Moral of the story, I wanted to know how she had achieved it. This got me thinking on all the other Bollywood moms who achieved the same thing. So I did some research and this post is about her and some of the hottest moms in Bollywood and their postpartum weight loss secret. It’s certainly tough to follow but not impossible. So here we go starting with our very on Mrs. Kundra
Shilpa Shetty Kundra
She gave birth to Viaan on May of 2012and was 80 kg almost 20 kg overweight. Take a look at how she looked, lovely and of course cute with all the baby fat.

 Sometime in December 2012 when she launched the TV reality show she still carried most of the excess weight; understandably motherhood really puts fitness on the back burner. But come April and this hotty was back in the game. How did she achieve it, here is a lowdown on her fitness regime
Exercise Routine: Crossfit
pre-Breakfast:Amla Juice, papaya
breakfast: porridge with raisans and a banana or two eggs +a cup of tea
Followed by workout
Lunch: fish or 2 eggs or dal+ quinoa in roti or pure form, buttermilk or yogurt
snack boiled sprouts or a turkey sandwich, a cup of tea with brown sugar
dinner clear soup salad, fish or palak omelete

Maliaka Arora Khan
This sexy mom was 20 pounds overweight when she gave birth to her bundle of joy Arhaan. But 6 months later Malaika looked like a 20 year old, fit and firm at all the right places. Though I tend to feel her clothes are a tad bit too revealing, however if you have got it then flaunt it. Malaika does this with élan including melting all that extra fat.
This is her fitness regime for postpartum weight loss

Exercise: Aerobics, Weight training and kick boxing.

This is what she told mid-day way back in 2003 “I started working out in the second month after delivery. First I started out with walking and then gradually moved on to aerobics, weight-training, kick-boxing, etc. I used to work out for an hour-and-a-half every day. I made it a point to get up at 8.30 for my workout, no matter how late Id slept or how long Arhaan had kept me up.
I can’t only walk or jog, I need to do something that keeps me entertained, which is why I work out with Nalina Talwalkar in Bandra.”

Food: “On the food front, I cannot diet. I eat right and am very particular about what I eat.
No fried food, no colas. I only have fruit juices till 12 noon. I eat chicken and fish and avoid red meat. I supplement my diet with brown bread and brown rice, baked potatoes and bajra roti. I believe it’s very important to cut down on excessive fat intake” Maliaka Arora Khan said this and my  blogging world friend Abhi  has an amazing post on her which reveals her diet secrets

Karishma Kapoor.
 A mother of two this lady has shown us women that you can get back in shape and that  twice over. She knocked of 23 kg of extra weight after her second pregnancy and certainly proved that she is undoubtedly one of Bollywood’s most  good looking moms. The secret to her postpartum weight loss is  a healthy diet and ofcourse swimming

Karisma Kapoor Diet Chart

Breakfast: 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with some vegetables
Lunch: Mango/fruit salad , Brown Rice and Curry
Snack: Grilled Sandwich/Dhokla
Dinner: Chicken breast (no skin, no sauces) and roasted veggies

She also includes 2-3 egg whites in the day to ensure adequate protein intake.

Mandira Bedi
This feisty Punjabi woman was known for cricket and more for her noodle strap blouses. But when she was pregnant and for 4 months after Vir was born she still wore her loose bulky kurtas. But another 3 months and Mandira was back to wearing noodle straps and reclaimed her pre-pregnancy wardrobe.
The only way she did this was by sheer determination as she says” “The only way out is setting a target, and going hammer and tongs to achieving that”, there is no shortcut.

Exercise regime : Exercsing twice a day, 20 minutes running in the evening and weight training in the morning for 6 days a week
Diet: Breakfast: A Slice of Toast with eggs and a glass of Mill
Lunch and Dinner: Dal+Roti+Sabzi
During the first 3 months of weight loss she gave up sweets, sugar and carbs completely. I wouldn’t call that healthy but what the hell, she wanted to reach her goal faster. She confesses in a health magazine that she took as less as 600 calories a day to increase calorie burn deficit. 

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
There isn’t much of a weight loss story but this a special mention because she makes it easier for an average woman to relate to that postpartum weight loss is difficult and long journey

Ok I confess I have never had a liking for this actress, especially because her acting skills are over rated and her personal life portrayed in the media, projects her as a kniving stonehearted women. But I have a new found respect for this woman ever since she gave birth to her daughter. She was always under the media glare and which I am sure is tough but tougher would be all the criticism that she faced for not losing weight right after her pregnancy. Seriously I wanted to shout at the annoying media to just leave the women alone. She will lose the weight when she wants, who are you to ask or dictate terms. In spite of all that Aishwarya didn’t shy away from the camera but maintained a dignified silence. This woman is strong, and then after a year and half she gets back to shape(trys to not there yet) to shut all the waging tongues, as if to tell them she doesn’t care a F#@! about what they think or want. Though not her former self she is taking her time and I am sure she wants to do it at her pace. You go girl!!!!!!!!  So what is the secret
Exercise: Functional Training and Yoga

What do you think about these yummy mummies ?


  1. oh what fun fun fun...i loved this post...all the secrets are out now...yayay thanks :)
    n thanks for the mention ...appreciate it

  2. Kudos, to the actress who lost weight-However I thinks its easier for them-as they don't do half the house chores as we do, and the cooking :) so I think loosing weight as a 'common' man is far harder -right :) Love your posts

  3. Thank you for the kind words.
    I agree, with a load of servants , personal trainers and dieticians at their beck and call, it is a lot easier for celebrities to loose wait.


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