The Rushfit Sabbatical

A lot of you are wondering why there havent been any updates on the Rushfit schedule.  To be honest the schedule died a slow death due to vacation and other urgent household issues (not important).
As much as I would have loved to be bikini ready this month, I dont think I can flaunt myself in one.So in comes the loose fitting linnen pants and tops to hide the fat. Not if I want the world to see the ugly tire hanging around and the oh so not loving love handles.
Its a wonder how I can compensate  my guilt of not working out with eating or more approriately hoarding myself with unhealthy fattening stuff. I certainly need to work on my food addiction or should I call it emotional eating (a issue I need to deal with soon). The baking project isnt helping unless I start working on making goodies but healthy alternatives. Need to get hubby dearest to buy that oven soon

I keep telling myself to stop hurting myself with binging but to no vain. The only good thing is I havent gained any pounds so there is still hope. With princess back home, I need to find work on getting organized. Back to planning.
What do you'll think, any words of advice, would appreciate the help?


  1. Hi , I'm new here..really liked what I read so far and I'm in much need of motivation to knock back that baby weight too..good to find a like minded mum:-)

    1. Thanks Kalyani for the kind words. Nice to see that I am not the only one struggling with motivation. There is hope


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