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Wordless Wednesday


Workout Updates and New Beginnigs

The regularity of updating my workout journal hasn’t been that great but I promise to change that from this week. So without much adue here is the update on the past few weeks. Week 2 of Rushfit (10th to 15th june) The last time I posted I mentioned how I was doing the GSP Rushfit Intermediate Schedule. This is how Week 2 schedule is laid out Day1: Fight Conditioning Workout DVD
Day2: Cardio + Stretch and Flexibility bonus DVD
Day3: Fight Conditioning Workout DVD
Day4: Strength and Endurance workout DVD
Day5: Cardio + Balance and Agility bonus DVD
Day6: Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning DVD For Cardio I did Jillian’s Banish Fat and Boost Metabolism and No More Trouble Zone.
Strength and Endurance workout and Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning are the same as the Week 1. Let me give you low down all the exercises in both these DVD’s. Both the DVDs , actually all the workouts in Rushfit have a common warm-upand cool-downwhich are ach 5 minutes longs. The format of the each workout…

A year of being yummy mummy

It’s been a year of blogging and what a wonderful one . Last year when I started this blog the one thing I set out to achieve was to start loving myself again. Of course there were a list a list of things to do but all of it led to that one mission of looking in the mirror and not hating the reflection. I also realized that is not just me wanting to be a yummy mummy for my princess but for me. Well one might say is it really that difficult to love oneself. Maybe not for everyone but for me it has been one uphill journey. It still is because I have my days of self-loathing and anger. Somewhere along the way of being a daughter, wife, mother I lost my identity and respect. Today I have come a long way from that point. There are good days and bad but the best part is after a bad day I get up and start from where I left. The confidence is back and so has the feeling of warmth to myself.I have lost weight but gained strength and fitness and a ton of confidence. I feel I have redeemed myself …

A week of GSP Rushfit and Eating Right

In my last post I mentioned how I am back to my workouts .What goes hand in hand with workouts is eating right and an almost clean diet.Its suprising how I always end up eating right when I workout.
Rushfit  is good and has been taxing and some points have lost most of  cause months of binging has messed the endurance I built. Like I mentioned in my last post I am following the intermediate schedule and this is what the 1st week looked like
Day1: Strenght and Endurance workout DVD
Day2:Abdominal Strenght and Core Conditioning DVD
Day3:Cardio + Stretch and Flexibility bonus DVD
Day4:Strenght and Endurance workout DVD
Day5:Cardio + Balance and Agility bonus DVD
Day6: Full Body Strenght Conditioning
For Cardio I did the Brazil Butt Lift Cardio Axe on one day and 4 kilometer walk on Day 5. As much as I would have loved to follow the advanced schedule I realized my body wasnt up to it yet. May be the next time I do this I will follow the advanced  calendar.
The eating is ok with trying t…

No Junk June

June is a beautiful month cause in India it brings respite from the awfully hot summers. It marks the beginning of the monsoons, lovely breeze and Mother Nature bringing in the greens. This has always been my favorite season because I love the rains, getting wet in the showers brings me immense joy.
This is also the month when cravings are at its peak and all one wants to do is lounge around and enjoy the weather with some mouthwatering pakoras (deep fried snack) and piping hot chai (Indian tea). And from my last post you must have realized that my tolerance level for carving has reached zero. So the beginning of this month I decide that I needed to get of the gluttony vehicle and get back on my fitness journey, so this month is the No Junk June. So what is junk, Merriam Webster defines junk food as “food that is high in calories but low in nutritional content, or something that is appealing or enjoyable but of little or no real value”. What really stuck was the phrase “no real value”,…