A year of being yummy mummy

It’s been a year of blogging and what a wonderful one . Last year when I started this blog the one thing I set out to achieve was to start loving myself again. Of course there were a list a list of things to do but all of it led to that one mission of looking in the mirror and not hating the reflection. I also realized that is not just me wanting to be a yummy mummy for my princess but for me.
Well one might say is it really that difficult to love oneself. Maybe not for everyone but for me it has been one uphill journey. It still is because I have my days of self-loathing and anger. Somewhere along the way of being a daughter, wife, mother I lost my identity and respect.
 Today I have come a long way from that point. There are good days and bad but the best part is after a bad day I get up and start from where I left. The confidence is back and so has the feeling of warmth to myself.  I have lost weight but gained strength and fitness and a ton of confidence. I feel I have redeemed myself from the rut of procrastination, laziness and self-destruction.
 A lot of this possible because I started writing this blog and there is a certain amount of accountability towards the wonderful readers. Not to forget the encouragement I get from my lovely Blogger friends.
Love you all and hope you keep encouraging me in this journey of being yummy mummy


  1. Hey that's a lovely post and good to see :) all the best and congrats!

  2. So upbeat! You should take up writing professionally! Really loved this post, you're an inspiration!

    1. You made my day with that comment. Thank you so much for the kind words

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