Look what the cat dragged in

Hello , look what the cat dragged in ...Me.... Wow its been over 6 months from the last post and of course a year has flown by. So without much adieu "haapy new Year" to all my readers and blogging friends.I know its weird to wish you'll mid of April, but what the hell. I missed you'll too.The million dollar question would be where were u and the answer is simple work and more work. The last blog I mentioned about the new job and while its been good but crazy busy .
Natuarally I fell of the health wagon because of the constant travels and and vicious deadlines on projects. I know that is just an excuse and there isnt one that is good enough for all the bad eating and not taking out time to be healthy.Hmmmm...but did I realize somewhere along the line that I needed to fix it....Did I?????????
Well as always I needed a jolt and that I got with my blood work. I got a ton of test done to see how my body was doing....the result . A high body fat percentage and cholestrol level that was boderline high.........Oh my god!!!! my exact expression when I was reading the report sitting in a hotel room with food around me....lots of it ...oily greasy u name it... I was in shock  but I knew I had to do to something  What was I doing wrong.... After the sulking I decided it was time I take control.

So the first thing I did when I got back home was to join Golds Gym and hire a personal trainer for a month and get a diet prescribed.Not that home workouts are not good and I still advocate it but by the time I got back home I dint have the energy to do anything and a gym at the business park that I worked helped. This was Jan and the the result for the effort was a drop in 5% body fat reduction ,
increase in lean weight and 10inch loss all over. But a personal trainer is tough on the pockets so had to do away with him.

This month I am back to working out on my own ofcourse at the gym with a workout plan, but the efforts are not like before .  A personal trainer is good becuase there is a lot of attention on the form, your body type, specific health requirements and the variations in exercise and ofcourse accountability.
When working out on your own the missing factor is all this and majorly the accountability. how does one make sure that we eat right and hit the gym or exercise everyday.The answer for me was blogging, diet diary and setting short term goals. I have always noticed better results when I follow all three

Finally I decided to get over the procrastination and start again........ So what is the future plans..... well on a whim hubby dearest and me have chalenged each other for loosing 6kgs by July 14th (my birthday)... this is the short term goal along with also also loosing another 6 inches and 10% body fat. As for the diet diary I am back to cooking on my own so better diet and my
fitness pal will help me with my diary. Last but not the least is to blog regularly... to start off with atleast twice a week....
Thank you guys for all the sweet messages for when I was not around ....... and I promise you will see a lot of me. An more on the exercise plan in the next post.....


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