115 days to the marathon and workout update

115 days to the Bangalore half marathon, and I plan to share my workout each day till D-day. Today was workout session with Nash. My legs were pretty beat from Mondays days session with Nash and the cardio yesterday. And when I mean beat, I was walking around like a zombie all day.
So I told Nash about it and he said well then plan was to work arms , back and of course core. So I am happy that he knew I would be sore even before I told him .... That's good.
So we worked arms and back, that were pretty unique n, nothing like I have done before. Its amazing how much fun workouts are if the trainee u have the same wavelength of communication. So I am kind of liking working out the gym no... Actual look forward to it.
I know its to early to pass a judgment but Nash is great trainer, unlike some of the Boohoo s at golds gym who call themselves trainer.
The other interesting part is that he has done the P90x and is a huge fan of GSP (George St. Piers of Rushfit) so he knows where I am coming from a workout perspective.
OK that's a little to much talk about Nash. Moving on the workout worked the biceps from various angles then the back and triceps. The sets were decreasing in number with increased weights. For the abs I did leg raises, to fifer scissors, to crunches to leg climbs and finally plank holds for 2mins. The whole circuit repeated thrice.
That was a total of 1 hour of workout. I know my arms are gonna be crazy sore tomorrow.
Food front, I am not eating enough so really need to up the calories (good food ofcourse) . how do I know that, I am back to tracking it on Myfitnesspal.
That's all that I have for today....... Have a good night and god bless


  1. Hi,

    I have just completed my 10K run and going to start practicing for the Half-Marathon in Hyderabad thats going to be on Aug 24th. Though I don't go to Gym due to time constraint (working mom with 2 kids), your everyday workout will surely help me to give some tips for cross-training!!! Thanks for sharing and all the best for your half-marathon!!

    BTW im still contemplating whether i shud register for Bangalore Half Marathon or Kaveri Trail!! Lets hope if we could meet up if I register for Bangalore Half Marathon!!!

    1. Congrats on the 10k...its a wow factor for me...And sure......I will add in some of the crosstrainimng stuff,so u could come check out.
      And I agree we should meet if u register for any of it. So that's one more reason for u to register.😀 best of luck on the half marathon

  2. Aahhh I ran Kaveri and Auroville last to last year, 2 half marathons last year. This year time only for my baby!!
    I would have loved to meet both of u :)
    BTW I do Jillian Micheal's at home, can you share some more on your workouts??


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