Another year of blogging or may be not

So another year has gone by and this marks the second year of this blog.  I haven't done much of blogging this year because of my work schedule and partly due to laziness. But I am trying to make some more positive changes as I complete being 35(that's half way through considering an average life span of 70) and what better way than the blog. In my last blog I promised to be more regular, but failed. I ain't making excuses but the time I get home all I want do is hit the bed. So tired after work and driving through horrendous Bangalore traffic. I know people live busier schedule and still find time to do stuff, including blogging.
OK enough of the rant...... Time to share some good news and new goals for the year......(I know its been 6 months of 2014) though for me the health goals have always been from July to June (birth month u see). So on with it I plan to run in Marathons this year and I have already signed up for it. There is the 5k Puma Urban Stampede, then there is the 10k  in September for the Kaveri trail marathon and the last is the big one in October which is the half marathon. I know a lot of you'll may think that I have gone mad and maybe you are right I have turned a little insane....... But I have wanted to do this for  a long time(part of the bucket list).
If I do the half marathon I plan to do the full next year and may be in some years I will become one of those crazy runners I love to read about. So that's the plan, and there is a well thought strategy to get this goal. one I have started running outside and realized that there is nothing to match the high I get from doing long runs...5Ks for now....the number are steadily increasing.....with a 7k coming up this weekend. The other bit is that I have got a personal trainer . This  is  recent development and the workouts are killer. I can feel some muscles that I never thought existed..
This will make sure that I have the strength(physical and mental)to complete the marathon. A lot in long distance running  is also the mind over body game. So Monday , Wednesdays and Friday are my resistance  and weight training days with Nash(my trainer)and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for running out. Tuesdays and Thursdays I also add in half an hour of cardio at the gym...the arc trainer mostly.......Saturdays are devoted to long runs........its is heavenly to feel the morning breeze  on the face when I run( crazy feeling when I am sweating bucket loads)....Another change that I plan to do is to add a whey protein shake to my diet at least till I have these crazy workout routines.
Is that's that for now ..wish me luck while I set out on this journey
Have a good night and god bless


  1. HI,
    I bumped into your blog when I was looking for weight loss motivation, firstly congratulation on the weight loss!! I know how difficult it can be.
    I can totally understand how tough it is to manage work / baby / blogging.
    I live in Bangalore as well and originally from Pune too!
    Wish you all the best for marathon running :) would love to hear more from you in the coming year!

    1. Thanks runnergirl. This such a pleasant coincidence. Would love to hear from you in the future to. Off the record where in Bangalore do u live

    2. JP Nagar south Bangalore!
      I love that your keeping update of your everyday workout... its motivating. With a almost 6 month infant at home, I barely get time to do that!! Keep writing!

  2. Good to see your post after a long time dear! Keep going :)

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    1. Thank you Larissa for the kind. Sure I will check out your blog

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