Thank you 2014

Season Greetings all my lovely readers J

I know it’s been a long period of silence before this post and I am sure someone out there must have missed it. Let me be honest, I was lazy to go on writing. But I am back again to write the last post for the year.
A year has gone by and what a year it has been so a warm hug to you 2014. There were times of frustration, smiles, laughter, tears and a truck load of excitement. This year has been the most fulfilling year for my fitness goals. I discovered running this year and may I say I have fallen in love with it. A proof of this undying love is taking part in a bunch of marathons. It started with the Puma Urban Stampede (5K run), then came The Bull run(16Km trail run up Nandi hills)   and then it was followed by the 10K Kaveri trail Marathon . This year also saw me run my first ever half marathon (21Km)  at the very first Bangalore Marathon  and I ended the year with another 21Km at the Bangalore Midnight Marathon. Each of these made me realize that if I really put my mind to it nothing is impossible. It’s all a mind game and no distance is invincible.  While I list my wins my head has resolved to win the half marathon next year and prepare myself for the first full marathon 42Km. This has become addictive and what an addiction to have.


This year also saw me enter the gym and workout with a personal trainer. It made me enjoy my sessions in the gym and got me over the perception that gyms are a bad place. Pictures speak a thousand words so here is me at the beginning of the year and now.

With all the wins the year also bought some failures and some great lessons with it. And as this year ends I am renewing the pledge to being a yummy mummy. This include  all parts of my life be it health ,career, relationships ,finances or community. To help me do this I am reading one of the most interesting books I have read in a long time ”How to get from where you are to where you want to be” by Jack Canfield. The book has some fantastic examples and real life stories. More about the book when i am done reading.
So this year there are gonna be some long drawn resolutions.Have you started on your new year resolutions?  Let me know  
Till the have a splendid holiday sesason and God bless


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